Cuphead Djimmi the Great Boss Guide

Djimmi is another boss that can fly so get ready to take to the skies once again. This Cuphead Djimmi the Great Boss Guide will tell you how you can fight the boss efficiently, what you need to watch out for and what you need to do to clear this stage and move on through the second world of Cuphead.

A lot of players face problems in the pyramid stage of the fight so we have a specific way through which you can easily get through that section of the battle.

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Cuphead Djimmi the Great Boss

The start of this boss fight with Djimmi is pretty simple. He will remain on the right of your screen, and he’ll perform a bunch of unique attacks. Most of his attacks come from his treasure chest.

First Phase – Djimmi the Great 
The basic attack of his has some jewelry come out of his chest and come for you. To easily dodge this attack, just slowly make your way to the lower part of the screen from the top left; and parry all the pink jewelry.

The next attack you need to watch out for is his Cat-scarabs attack. With this attack, a small cat sarcophagi comes out of the chest and launches a barrage of tiny cat-scarab missiles towards you.

Parry all of the pink cat-scarabs and shrink down your plane so you can easily swerve the other ones.

Some swords will also come out of his chest and group together at a single spot on the screen, then they will start to spin and they will come towards you.

They don’t move all that fast so you won’t have a difficult time dodging them; just parry all the pink swords.

You have to keep your distance from Djimmi throughout this fight as he’ll keep throwing his skull at you.

After you inflict a certain amount of damage to Djimmi, the second phase of this fight will start.

Second Phase – The Pillars
This phase of the fight is even simpler than the first one. Once this phase starts, Djimmi will actually exit the screen, and he’ll block your path with some pillars.

You need to shoot the section of the pillar with Djimmi’s face to destroy it and be able to move forward.

You also have to watch out for the swords dropping down and the saw blades. This phase should be over relatively quickly.

Third Phase – The Coffin
in the third phase of the fight, Djimmi will shape-shift into a massive coffin. This coffin contains a ton of small ghosts that will quickly fly at you.

You have to shoot at Djimmi’s red face which will keep poking through the coffin.

Djimmi will keep launching his eyes towards you. You have to keep moving to dodge both his eyes and the ghosts. After you inflict a certain amount of damage to Djimmi’s face, the coffin will skip off the screen and Djimmi will show you another trick up his sleeve.

Fourth Phase – The Puppet
Now, Djimmi will turn into a hand which controls a deadly puppet, which looks like Cuphead himself. And just like Cuphead, it’ll shoot bullets from its fingers.

You have to keep an eye on Djimmi’s hat throughout this phase as it moves around the screen and even shoots out some bullets here and there. Keep dodging the puppet’s bullets and keep your distance from the hat.

Final Phase – Djimmi The Giant
In the final phase of the fight, Djimmi will return as a giant. As soon as he enters your screen, immediately move back to the left corner of the screen, because he will spin his giant hands and spawn three pyramids.

Don’t make contact with anything. Move to the left of the screen and stay put. After that, Djimmi will perform two main attacks.

The first one is a sort of eye beam attack. He’ll shoot some circles out from his eyes periodically, which will slowly make their way towards you. This is pretty easy to dodge; you just need to move out of their path.

The second attack is a pyramid beam. The aforementioned pyramids will stay in the center of the screen and every now and then, a pyramid will open its eyes and shoot beams which will move up, down, left and right.

All you need to do is to move somewhere diagonal to that pyramid to avoid the beam. Keep shooting Djimmi and he’ll eventually go down for good.

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