Cuphead Hidden Coins Locations Guide

This Cuphead Hidden Coins Locations Guide will tell you where all of the Hidden Coins are located across the four worlds.

By the time you finish Cuphead, that is if you manage to finish such a difficult game, you will realize that you have still not completed the game yet.

That is probably because you did not manage to locate some Hidden Coins through the game. To get 100 percent completion, you need to complete all Run and Gun Levels along with finding all the Hidden Coins.

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Cuphead Hidden Coins Locations

We have detailed everything you need to know about finding all Hidden Coins scattered across the game’s four Worlds.

World 1: Inkwell Isle 1

Cuphead Coin #1
The first coin you can simply unlock by completing the tutorial.

Cuphead Coin #2
The second coin can be found after you beat the bosses in Inkwell Isle 1. The Axeboy will move aside and there will be a coin in the trees.

World 2: Inkwell Isle 2

Cuphead Coin #3
First of all, head to the Aviary Action boss stage and then make your way behind it. Now move to your right and you will soon locate a shortcut to the other side of the island.

Now you have to take the shortcut and then make your way to the Gingerbread Girl in front of Aviary Action. After you have done all of the aforementioned tasks, she will give you the coin.

Cuphead Coin #4
You will meet a juggler near the Dragon’s level. If you are able to complete his challenge – which is to parry four times before landing – you can return to him and get your coin.

Cuphead Coin #5
Near the exit to Inkwell Isle 3 is a green shack which will also have a coin in front of it.

World 3: Inkwell Isle 3

Cuphead Coin #6
There is only one coin available here and you need to look behind the stand near the theatre to find it.


Cuphead Coin #7
Like Inkwell Isle 3, there is just one coin available here. To find it all you need to do is to look behind the stairs outside the casino. The coin is to the left of the stairs.

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