Cuphead Cagney Carnation Boss Guide

There are different bosses in your adventure that you will need to defeat and Cagney Carnation is one of them. We have curated this Cuphead Cagney Carnation Boss Guide with tips and tricks so you can easily defeat the boss battle of Cagney Carnation.

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Cuphead Cagney Carnation Boss

Cagney starts looking cute but instantly turns into an evil sunflower capable of really damaging attacks. During the first phase of the battle, he will have four different attacks out of which one is a melee attack.

For the melee attack, as soon as Cagney ducks down, jump to one of the platforms quickly as the entire ground floor will be covered by the melee attack. When Cagney turns his face into a machine gun, he will shoot seeds in the sky, which will fall down from the sky.

Avoid them and parry the pink ones. When the seeds fall to the ground, small plants will sprout, avoid their attacks and kill them all as well.

Apart from these, Cagney will clap his attacks and will have two different attacks in this situation. Sometimes he will shoot boomerangs, which will first float above the platforms and then float beneath them. Stay on the platforms and jump over them to avoid them.

His second attack is that he will shoot some homing seeds at you. Jump around to avoid them and you should be fine. Keep shooting until Cagney plants in the ground further and prepares for the second phase of the battle.

The second phase of the battle sees Cagney in a worsened mood. When the vine under the covered platform covers a platform, avoid it because it will turn into a spike.

Cagney will cover two out of the three platforms at a time and you’ll have to avoid these by going to the third one, or else you’ll get stabbed.

Avoid these platforms. Keep shooting at Cagney while avoiding the white orbs and parrying the pink ones and you should be good to go.

You will need to be quick with your jumps and your spam and notice the boss’s reactions so that you know what’s coming up, and how you need to dodge it. Cagney will fall soon.

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