Cuphead Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement Guide

P-26 is one of the Secret Achievements that are available in the new Cuphead game. To get this Cuphead Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement, you must beat any Plane Level using ONLY Mini Plane Bullets. This means that if you fire the gun while outside of Mini Plane form, you will have to start over.

This is also the case with EX Special Moves and Super Moves. This Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement Guide will tell you the best way to do that!

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Cuphead Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement

This should be done on “A Threatenin’ Zeppelin” because it is by far the easiest level for earning this Achievement due to the fact that it is quite accessible and Hilda Berg’s attack pattern is quite easy to predict.

The two main things that you should remember are that you are safe from all smaller enemy attacks as long as you are below and slightly behind them on a screen.

This applies to everyone except the Green Planes. When you see a Green Plane, you should just move to the far left side of the screen so you can easily dodge the attack.

Apart from this, you can count the time between the boss’ attacks as it will be the same each time, but different for each game.

Try to count the amount of time between the attacks after she sends a twister after you to maximize your chances of getting the Achievement.

Phase #1 and #2 are rather easy. Count the time between laughs, stay close to her, and only move away when she laughs. During Phase #2, stay close to her until she pulls her horns back, as that is when you need to move above or below to dodge her attack.

There are almost no changes during Phase #3 except the fact that Twisters are thrown at you that you can easily dodge as long as you can identify the direction they are heading in.

During Phase #4, it might be best if you keep on restarting until you get the Gemini Form, as it will make running away from the Blue Stars much easier.

Just sit coming and there and shoot the boss until you see the attack coming, just circle the attack and continue shooting.

Phase #5 is exactly like the third phase, except the fact that Purple Planes will come in pairs that can make your life a little more difficult, but still manageable.

The last phase might seem tricky, but it is really not! All you need to do is to move under and pass the red UFOs as they only shoot when they are above you.

Dodge the brown UFOs by moving backward when they start shooting at you. Keep on shooting the boss at every available chance to end the fight quickly and unlock the Achievement.

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