Cuphead Best Weapons and Abilities Guide

There is a hoard of Weapons and Abilities that are available in Cuphead. It can be quite a waste of time to figure out each and every one of them on your own. This Cuphead Best Weapons and Abilities Guide will do your job for you and tell you which Weapons are the best and most effective in the game based on our own personal research.

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Cuphead Best Weapons and Abilities

In this Best Weapons and Abilities Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about some of the best Weapons and Abilities in the game.

Best Weapons

The Peashooter will allow you to clear levels with ease and is perfect for purists who want to revel in the fact that they cleared levels without any additional help. The EX Mega Blast is also a healthy addition.

This Weapon makes a strong case for being the best one in the game. It does a massive amount of damage and takes down bosses much quicker than any other method of attack.

You need to hold down the attack button until the Weapon is fully charged and then release it for maximum effect.

This Weapon is perfect for players who do not care about their grade. You do not even have to aim with it for god’s sake; it will do that for you.

The negative is that it will not do a lot of damage. If you are patient enough to wait, Chaser will do the job for you.

This is the Weapon that you need if you want to clear a lot of enemies at close range. The spread will allow you take down enemies very quickly if they are clumped together.

Beware of its extremely short range though as it can be quite problematic in certain situations.

Best Abilities

If you are not able to get through levels, then this is the charm for you. This will allow you to take one extra hit but lower your damage output by a small amount to make up for it.

It might take you longer to clear stages, but at least you won’t be dying as much.

Smoke Bomb
This Ability is the Holy Grail for all Cuphead players. It turns your dash into an invisible dash which means that your character will disappear for the duration of the dash.

This invincibility also makes you move through enemies, attacks and everything else without taking any damage. This Ability is perfect for boss fights.

P. Sugar
There are certain bosses in the game that expect you to parry an enemy or an attack to move forward. P. Sugar is really useful here as it allows you to automatically parry the first time you come in contact with an object that can be parried.

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