Cuphead Beginners Guide

It may not look fancy like the new Call of Duty, but Cuphead is definitely one of the best games that will be released this year. A caveat to that is that it is also one of the hardest games. This Cuphead Beginners Guide will tell you all of the basics that you need to understand to make your life a little bit easier when you try to take on this stressful challenge.

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Cuphead Beginners Guide

In this Beginners Guide, we have detailed some tips that should definitely help you during your journey through the game.

Gold and Purchases

Gold can be used to purchase new weapons and charms. To balance the game, they have made it so that the Gold is incredibly rare in the game. Try not to miss an opportunity to take it whenever it surfaces. There is only about 5 Gold available in each Run and Gun stage.

These coins only unlock if you beat the stage so you have to beat the stage before you can spend your Gold on charms and weapons.

Spreadshot is by far the most effective additional weapon variant that you can unlock. The Spread shot is sort of like a shotgun, it will make your projectiles travel in a fan shape with a short range, however the damage bonus that you get more than makes up for it.

Purchasing an extra heart is a very bad idea. Purchasing this means that your damage will be reduced. Unless you are really struggling with a specific fight, it is best to not purchase an extra heart. Adding further hearts mat mean that you cannot acquire special abilities like the invisible dash or special parry.

Tackling the Level

Play the game on the regular difficulty. Playing on simple will not make you collect any souls and you will not be able to get to the final area. Regular will also make you understand the game mechanics better.

Always remember when to walk away as well. A lot of your time will be spent dying and reloading which will make you frustrated. It is best to take a break and return with a clear mind if you are stuck.

The bosses in the game may be challenging, but you can easily beat sections by utilizing their weaknesses. A lot of the bosses are unable to attack a certain area. Try to experiment to understand which areas the bosses are unable to hit so you can stay there and easily beat the boss.

Reconfiguring Controls

The default controls aren’t the most intuitive since they put jump, shoot, secondary fire, and dash all on the face buttons. If you want a more comfortable way of playing then set your controls to the following:

  • A — JUMP
  • X — SHOOT

Know When NOT to Move

Certain boss fights require you to stay mobile when fighting. You have to bounce around the area to avoid attacks while getting a few hits in here and there. However, there are some fights where the best strategy is to find a nice spot and hold your ground there. Sometimes the best move is to not move.

General Tips and Tricks

Parrying is perhaps one of the most important skills in the game. It will allow you to counter a specific attack and gain a bit of height. To parry, press jump and then hit A before a pink colored foe or attack hits you. This will make you get away without taking any damage.

It is always worthwhile to talk to NPCs that you come across. They might offer you tips or give you a Gold coin for performing specific actions. Some might change their dialogues after you complete a specific action so remember to talk to them after you are done.

The invisible dash is by far the most effective charm in the game. It makes you immune when you dash. Getting this is great since you can neglect all of the enemies and just pass through them. Try to get this as soon as you can.

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