Watch Player Beat All Cuphead Bosses Without Taking Any Damage

Cuphead is an amazing game and is also a hard one too, however, the gaming community is full of players who take the challenge of beating difficult games without taking any damage and one player has been successful in beating Cuphead without taking any damage.

Cuphead’s gameplay is particularly difficult and it will test a player’s frustration levels. However, there are some who can’t get enough of the game’s hard gameplay. Youtuber Aeraloth is the one who has defeated all Cuphead bosses without taking any damage. Check the video above.

Dark Souls is a known franchise in the game industry and has been known for its frustrating difficulty, however, Dark Souls also have dedicated gamers that take up self-imposed extremely difficult challenges and they complete them.

The most recent achievement in by any Dark Souls speedrunner was from NaxHPL who earned every Dark Souls achievement in just under four hours. What makes is interesting is that Dark Souls is a hardcore game and it takes months for players to earn every achievement but, in this Dark Souls Speedrun, NaxHPL did it under four hours.

Cuphead is a run and gun indie game developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment exclusively for PC and Xbox One.

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