Cuphead Baroness Von Bon Bon Boss Guide

In this Cuphead Baroness Von Bon Bon Boss Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the boss Sugarland Shimmy in Cuphead. Cuphead is a PC and Xbox Exclusive and it is a huge nostalgic game for everyone.

There are different bosses in your adventure that you will need to defeat and Sugarland Shimmy is one of them. We have curated this Cuphead Baroness Von Bon Bon Boss Guide with tips and tricks so you can easily defeat the boss battle of Sugarland Shimmy.

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Cuphead Baroness Von Bon Bon Boss

Baroness Von Bon Bon is a tough boss to beat and you need to be careful during the boss fight with her. Before you can actually fight her, you will be required to defeat her three guards.

The game has actually four guards but each time three random guards will appear out of these four so you need to tackle each guard accordingly. After defeating the guards, you can take on the Baroness herself. We recommend you use Orbit Gun and vanishing dash during this boss battle.

For the first half of the battle, you will come across three random guards. They could any three of Cupcake, Chocolate Bar, Gumball Machine, and Jawbreaker. Cupcake will jump around here and there on the screen, avoid coming under it when it falls on the land and you will be fine.

Keep shooting him while avoiding and he will die soon. Next up is the Chocolate bar. It consists of nine parts and it will split into nine parts with each ongoing in the direction in which that specific part is present. Avoid the parts and continue shooting it to defeat it.

Next up is Gumball Machine. It will run back and forth the stage shooting gumballs at you. Avoid them by jumping left and right over it and keep shooting it. It will be defeated soon as well. The last guard is the Jawbreaker and it looks like Pacman.

Then there is waffle which fly around the room flapping its buttery wings. It stops and shoot its eight squares horizontally, vertically and diagonally. You can avoid this by staying on one side of the encounter.

There is also Candy Corn which is going to spin around the whole map. It moves in a figure eight pattern and leaves behind evil candy corn minions that float up into the sky. Just avoid touching them and you will be all fine.

It will follow you wherever you go so make sure you keep a good distance from it. Use Orbit Gun against it for easy killing.

During the battle with the guards, sometimes little angry jellybeans will run towards you from the castle. Be careful with them or they will run into you resulting in damage.

After you have defeated the three guards, the battle will enter phase two and you will now come across the Baroness herself.

After seeing her guards defeated, she will become enraged and will make her castle follow you wherever you go. Now you need to run away from the castle while avoiding her head, which she will throw at you often.

There are some attacks that Baroness Von Bon Bon throws at your way. These attacks include the Mint Roll attack where the castle will spit out a giant mint and roll it toward you.

In order to avoid it, you have to jump over a platform.

Another attack includes the Head Throw where Baroness Von Bon Bon will throw her head at you. It’ll follow you around and you just have to keep running in order to avoid it.

The head will go to your last known location and will stay there for some time before moving to the new location. You will also need to avoid the giant mints that the castle will shoot at you. Use the orbit gun in this fight for easy damage. After some time shooting her, she will be defeated.

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