How to Defeat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb

Shamura is the 4th major Bishop to defeat in Cult of the Lamb and is the final boss of the game before you face The One Who Waits. In this guide, we will help you defeat this spider monstrosity and explain how to proceed with the boss fight against Shamura.

Where to Find Shamura

As mentioned before, Shamura is the 4th Bishop so you will encounter it in the Silk Cradle region during your fourth run.

How to Defeat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb

It can seem easier to defeat Shamura than some of the previous bosses, even though he’s the last of the four surviving bishops. In this fight, you must stick and roll. Shamura and Spider’s minions are no different. You fought these types during the crusade, so you’d better get used to them. Keep your distance from all the ground targets, as the spiders keep swinging up and out.

Most of Shamura’s ranged attacks can be countered by viewing the field. The first releases large bombs, and the second releases tiny poison dots. To maintain your health, avoid shining goals. There are only a few poison points during the fight, which should be helpful.

There’s a bit of a catch to Shamura’s melee attacks. Long lean backs telegraph the lunge, so you can roll before the attack hits. Shamura’s tricky move is when he swings off-screen. To know where to avoid, observe Shamura’s shadow on the ground.

Shamura’s last attack is a hop followed by a few fireballs and is both melee and ranged. You should step back and focus on the minion when it starts. Avoid stepping in front of the fireball as it travels across the screen.


It is not easy to defeat Shamura, but as long as you pay attention to all the signs on the ground, you will win. There will finally be an opening for The One Who Waits after this fight.

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