CS:GO Betting Scandal Develops As Tamrtn and Partner Gets Sued

Yesterday, we ran a story about Tmartn’s apology video. At the time we mentioned that it was only a matter of time before someone takes legal action. Today, that has come true! This CS:GO betting scandal is going to court and we couldn’t happier.

An amended complaint has been filed against Tmartn and ProSyndicate in Southern District of Florida. Both parties have been added to the complaint filed against Valve Corporation for enabling betting in CS:GO.

An anonymous parent on behalf of their child took action. Valve is accused of creating a market that enables children and allows them to participate in CS:GO betting.

Players can trade skins for real life money. Meanwhile, betting sites like CS:GO lotto creates a pool of these skins for the winner to take. You can head over here to know more about how CS:GO works. You will also find details of the entire scandal.

CS:GO betting is a completely unregulated market. Tmartn and ProS manipulated their viewers into using CS:GO Lotto.  Tamrtn is the owner of said website and acts as the President. ProS on the hand is the vice president of CS:GO Lotto.

We’ll let you know as soon this story further develops, so stay-tuned.

Via: Polygon

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