CS:GO Competitive MP Performance Guide; Improve FPS, Mouse Setting, Game Setting

CS:GO is a very competitive game and sometimes even the smallest of performance tweaks tip the bar in your favor. So today, we have a competitive multiplayer guide to help you get the best out of your PC while playing CS:GO.

First, let’s talk about Windows and unparking CPUs. Keep in mind that the following guide is for Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8.

Power Options Should Be Set to High

The first step is simple enough, all you need to do is to open the start button menu and type “power options” before hitting enter. Choose “High Performance” option and that’s it.

Unparking Processor Cores

Here is a nice little tool that’ll help you unpark CPU Cores and without the risk of causing them to sleep.

Once the app is installed, click “Check Status” and then “Unpark All.”

Mouse – Disable Windows Acceleration

Search for “mouse speed” from the start button menu and move the bar to the sixth spot. Also, make sure all the boxes you see are unchecked.

Now you need to download MarkC’s mousefix.

Now check your screen scaling by going to the start button menu and searching for “display.” If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, click on “set a custom scaling level” as well.

Open the folder for your version of Windows and look for the file that matches the scaling percentage as you system.

Now let’s get back to the Mouse, if you have a stock mouse you may not be able to change your DPI, so skip this step in that case. If that’s not the case, then download your mouse’s respective programming software.

1: Change your Polling Rate to the highest
2: Change the mouse DPI to native because high DPI causes acceleration. Search online for the right DPI number for your mouse.(Normally it is around 400-500).
3: Go with low sensitivity, find the right one for your and practice to be more accurate.

If you want to go pro, here are some recommended pro settings.

Note: Make sure you have a decent mouse pad or you’ll find it hard to move the cursor around.

GPU Optimization is Key

Update your video drivers and that can result in higher performance. Drivers for Nvidia GPUs are here, AMD users can head over here.

Monitor Settings

Open your AMD or Nvidia settings panel check your monitor/resolution settings. Setting should be native/default for your Monitor, frame rate should be set to the highest your screen supports.

From here on, “Desktop Color Settings” is where you need to be. Crank up the digital vibrance bar. Adjust it to the level of color/ vibrancy that is easy on your eyes.

Now lets talk about Video Settings

From AMD/Nvidia panel, go to “Manage 3D Settings” and click on “Program Settings” tab. Select csgo.exe.

Here are the recommended settings.

Setting – Max FPS Settings – Max Competitive Advantage Setting:

  • Ambient Occlusion – Off – Off
  • Anistropic Filtering – Off – Off
  • Antialiasing FXAA – Off – Off
  • Antialiasing Gamma correction – Off – Off
  • Antialiasing Mode – Off – Application-controlled
  • Antialiasing Setting – Off – Application-controlled
  • Antialiasing Transparency – Off – Multisampling
  • CUDA GPUS – All – All
  • Max. pre-rendered frames – Use 3 if experiencing low FPS, otherwise use 1 – 1
  • Multi-display/mixed- GPU acceleration – Single display – Single display
  • Power management mode – maximum performance – maximum performance
  • Shader Cache – On – On for low end CPUs/Off for high end CPUs
  • Texture Filtering – Anistropic sample optimisation -On – On
  • Texture filtering – Negative LOD bias – Clamp – Clamp
  • Texture filtering – Quality – High Performance – High Performance
  • Texture filtering – Trilinear Optimisation -On – On
  • Threaded optimisation – Off – Off
  • Triple Buffering – Off – Off
  • Vertical Sync – Off – Off

Game Settings

Download the fps.cfg and open it using your text editor.

Start the game and go to video settings.

1: Use 16:9 resolution but if go with 4:3 it may make it easier for you to take headshots as it will make character models appear large. It depends on your personal preference though.
2: Use low shadows to remove scope blur, weather and other distractions.
3: Avoid very low shadows
4: Effect Detail should be set to high.
5: Anti-Aliasing depends on the number of FPS you’re getting. If you have a decent frame rate, go with 2x or 4x MSAA.

Note: Turn antialiasing off and on to see what works for you.

Audio Settings

Use headphones and set Speaker Configuration accordingly.


  • To give a boost to your internet speed try to turn off automatic Windows Update.
  • Use an ISP with low ping rate
  • Avoid downloads while playing CS:GO
  • If on a shared network, play when there are less people using the network
  • Restart your router weekly and modem monthly
  • Avoid wireless networks, wired is always recommended
  • Be close to the router if you’re using a wireless connection
  • Regularly check for router/modem updates
  • Play on Low Ping servers (Download MM Server Picker for help)
  • On Windows 10, Go to “Settings” from the start button menu. Click on “Advanced options” before you “Choose
  • how updates are delivered” and turn it off

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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