CS:GO Drew 20 Million Unique Players Last Month After Going Free to Play

Counter-Strike Global Offensive received a big update called Danger Zone back in December 2018. This Danger Zone update in CS:GO brought big changes to the game including the all-new battle royale mode and that’s not it as the game for the first time turned free to play.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive turning free to play last month brought many a slew of player count of one of the most popular first-person shooters ever. According to the data by Nors3, CS:GO drew more than 20 Million unique players last month in December 2018. Now that’s a big achievement for Valve. This total number of unique players were double than that of in November.

This is a big improvement as compared to the earlier months of 2018. We saw the total player count of CS:GO declining in 2018 as games like Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch took the lead in the competitive play scene. CS:GO is without a doubt one of the top competitive games in eSports.

Since turning free to play, CS:GO has managed to have an average of 750,000 concurrent players. It’s not more than it’s highest peak numbers but it’s definitely a big increase. This just shows how one change in the game can make it all better and more appealing to the gamers. Yes, we are talking about the new battle royale mode in CS:GO which is a part of Danger Zone update.

Most of these concurrent players are old players which seem to be creating new or alternative accounts. The game-turning free to play means more easy ways for the hackers to try out what they can do with it.

That’s exactly what has happened as the number of hackers and cheaters have also increased in CS:GO. Previous CS:GO accounts are now turned into Prime accounts and the players who are playing the free version remain non-prime. That makes a huge difference as the community is noticing that the non-prime games are full of hackers and cheaters which takes away all the fun.

This is not the end. Counter-Strike Global Offensive player count can further increase if Valve does it right. It’s now all in Valve’s hand. Valve can bring some new updates to Counter-Strike Global Offensive to make things better overall to attract more players as CS:GO still offers the unique first-person experience.

Not only that, the total number of VAC bans also increased in December. According to Steam database, the game saw more than 500,000 VAC bans in December alone which is a big number. This proves that CS:GO going to free to play has brought more hackers and cheaters to the game. And Valve is trying to prevent this as much as they can.

In other news, Valve has now confirmed that the Portal game reference in CS:GO Danger Zone mode is nothing more than an easter egg. This CS:GO Danger Zone mode easter egg came with a reference to the hit Portal game. Everyone thought that Valve is hinting at a new game but that’s not the case. Though Valve is known for ARGS in the past so this could be their just another way to mislead the players.

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