Crytek Technical Director Why E3 Demos Are Later Downgraded

Crytek technical director Rok Erjavec discussed the issue of graphical downgrades from their E3 and GDC showcases of games in a recent interview and said that the criticism is misplaced.

Gamers all around the world are excited as E3 is almost upon us, every year developers showcase their game through demos and gameplay videos, and this year is going to be no different. But like every year there is also going to be the worry of downgrades.

Developers showcase gameplay and demos with maximum visual fidelity but when the game is finally out, criticisms of “downgrades” get thrown around as the visuals don’t live up to ones shown at E3.

In an Interview with DSOgaming,  Rok Erjavec offered some different perspective on this whole downgrade situation. He said that the criticism done by gamers is a little bit misplaced as the demos or gameplay shown during the E3 are exactly not what people think of them.

According to Rok Erjavec the gameplay shown during these presentations are carefully crafted single area of the game, which are developed over a period of three to six months. He further explained that the rest of the 10 hours+ are developed over a period of 12 to 24 months.

According to Erjavec:

In many cases there was no downgrade as such – just the reality of producing much more content over what effectively amounts to (much) less time.

In simple words that developers have to create so much content for the game in a limited time that they have to make a choice between graphical quality of game and the overall quality of the game.

In my opinion that is no excuse, if developer can’t possibly deliver what they are showcasing then they should showcase what they can. Because showcases of such manner produce nothing but disappointment.

However, Erjavec said  that he finds these kind of demos to be pointless, as the games are mainly interactive experiences not just graphical showcases.

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