Crytek Rumored To Be Working On Ryse: Son Of Rome Sequel

Ryse: Son of Rome, the Xbox One launch title which delivered both hype and disappointment, reportedly has a sequel in the works right now.

During a new XboxEra podcast episode earlier today, co-host Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker claimed that developer Crytek has been working on a sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome for nearly a year in running. While no further details were shared, the in-development Ryse sequel could possibly be coming to multiple platforms which for the time being covers both Xbox consoles and PC.

Crytek helmed Ryse: Son of Rome which makes the developer most suitable for a potential sequel. Something else of interest to note is that internal documents leaked back in late 2020 mentioned Crytek to be working on something called “Ryse Next” which helped immediately fuel speculations.

Crytek co-founder and director Cevat Yerli once stated that Ryse: Son of Rome was never developed as a “one-off” game and instead as the beginning of a new franchise. Hence, a sequel was always in the cards, at least before Crytek and Microsoft reportedly became engaged in a conflict to own the rights to the Ryse intellectual property.

Based on reports from back then, Microsoft wanted to fund a Ryse: Son of Rome sequel but in return for full ownership of the franchise which Crytek was not in favor of. The sequel was then believed to have been scrapped even though Yerli ascertained that Crytek and Microsoft continue to enjoy a healthy and strong working relationship.

Ryse: Son of Rome was released for Xbox One in November 2013 and was later ported to PC in October 2014. The third-person hack-and-slash game was marketed by Microsoft as a demonstration of what the Xbox One hardware was capable of and which held some truth.

The alternate Ancient Rome setting was hailed for its stellar visuals and high production values at the time. That being said, repetitive and boring gameplay without any deep combat systems shredded any hopes of players being able to enjoy their centurion runs. Ryse: Son of Rome was hence marked off as a failure but over the years managed to gain a cult following. Perhaps Ryse 2 for Xbox Series X will be able to throw the franchise back into the spotlight.

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