Crytek: Xbox One X Is A “Delightful Surprise”, Backwards Compatibility Needs To Be Preserved

Xbox One X is currently the most powerful console in the market and since its reveal, many developers have praised the console for its 4K capability and now Crytek is among the developers who are exceptionally impressed by Xbox One X saying that they are delighted with the Xbox One X’s Raw Power.

Speaking with Gamingbolt, Collin Bishop the product manager for CryEngine at Crytek said that the studio has been very impressed with the Xbox One X’s ability to run games at native 4K as they only had to make minor optimizations for 4K gaming. He further added that the Crytek has also been impressed with the console’s HDR capabilities.

Another thing that aligned closer with our core is the HDR support. With this you can really push the style and look of your scenes without having to redo all of the assets or compromise too heavily on framerate. As you can imagine we were glad to see this delta shortening, pushing us towards consoles reflecting the same development experience over time.

He further talked about Microsoft’s persistence on backwards compatibility saying that backwards compatibility is important to preserve as gamers have a connection to the nostalgia factor of their favorite games. He added that if the console manufacturers were to drop the backwards compatibility it would not sit well with the gamers.

Every gamer has this connection to nostalgia and their favorite titles. You can also lose titles too quickly, which will inhibit the growth of franchises, and this is where I see the older titles sitting in the competitive gaming landscape.

“If developers were not maintaining these older systems and having a form of compromise towards the legacy content, the backlash you would receive would outweigh any of the performance gains.

Do you think backwards compatibility needs to be preserved? Let us know in the comments.


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