Crystal Dynamics Warns Against Fake Job Offers

There is a scammer on the loose who has been contacting developers for their personal information while claiming to be from Crystal Dynamics.

Posting on LinkedIn earlier today, Crystal Dynamics cautioned everyone to be wary against such people and to be extra careful. The scammer starts by making contact and then sends out a fake job offer that requires the person to download a messaging application like Telegram for follow-up conversations.

The said messaging application is not real and is instead designed to obtain personal information. Crystal Dynamics hence is warning everyone to not fall for this phishing scam and to immediately report the scammer.

Following the update, at least two candidates have confirmed that they were recently contacted by the same scammer for a supposed interview. “It is a very elaborate scam, luckily I did not give out any information,” says Lamont Russ. “When they started asking for personal information, I thought it might be a scam,” says Chris Lauria. There are probably more out there.

Crystal Dynamics has been on a hiring spree for the past couple of months after finishing up Marvel’s Avengers. The developer is reportedly working on two different multiplayer projects at the moment. The first is believed to be post-release content for Marvel’s Avengers which should not be surprising since the game has already been datamined to reveal plenty of unannounced characters and features. The second multiplayer project is believed to be a brand new game for next-generation consoles.

There are nearly two dozen job openings at Crystal Dynamics at the time of writing. It figures that the developer is hard at work on something big, which is probably why the phishing scam came into play.

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