Crystal Dynamics Don’t Want You To Feel Bored In Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers, the global movie saga hit coming to the video game industry has shown a few details regarding the game in the past. Now, more small details have been revealed at the New York Comic-Con 2019.

GameSpot had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Scot Amos, studio head of Crystal Dynamics. This was a talk that has led to reaffirm the company’s commitment in Marvel’s Avengers.

He explained that they don’t want people to feel bored or run out of things. According to Scot, they have learned from other rivals within the genre about what works and what doesn’t work and the speed at which the most enthusiastic can consume all the content.

Scot recognizes that currently that question regarding how they can keep players hooked in an intelligent way that rewards them for their time in Marvel’s Avengers, is the most important within the team. He concludes and says that if you want to play more, they want to give you more content to complete.

We don’t want people to ever get bored or to run out of stuff to do.

We’ve learned from a lot of very, very good products out there of what does or doesn’t work, and how quickly these amazing players who are particular fanatics can consume content. So how do we do this in a way that’s smart, and keeps them engaged, and rewards them for their time? That’s actually the biggest thing for us. If you want to play more, we want to give you more stuff to do.

We have seen it in other games like Destiny, where Bungie did not calibrate its useful life. A title of these characteristics lives to bring freshness to that repetition, and it was not until the arrival of The Taken King, the first expansion of the original, when the first stone was laid to build the magnificent structure on which its sequel is sustained.

Like Bungie, Scot insists on the relevance of listening to the community in Marvel’s Avengers and says that they have a large community that they can access to listen to the players and react accordingly. According to him, their community management team is great.

I’m salivating about all the things that we can do and the amount of heroes that we want to add. I just hope when the players get their hands on it, they say, “Yes, we want more.” That’s the benefit of Crystal Dynamics. We have a great community management team. We have a great world that we can reach into and listen to those folks and react.

Kamala Khan broke all the forecasts by becoming the sixth playable character in Marvel’s Avengers.

Being a complete rookie in this of using your inhuman abilities, its playability feels much slower to use than the rest of the cast. The vice president of content and character development of Marvel and co-creator of Kamala, Sana Amanat, thanked during the presentation the way in which Crystal Dynamics has captured Kamala’s movements and personality.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to launch on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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