Crysis Remastered Originally Included Crysis 3 Multiplayer

Crytek apparently had larger plans for the nano-suited franchise which went beyond the recently released Crysis Remastered.

According to leaked documents (via Game Infinitus) from last week, Crysis Remastered was originally titled Crysis Redux. The bundle featured a remastered single-player campaign of the original game as well as a remastered multiplayer mode of the third, Crysis 3 installment.

Crysis Redux was also slated for release in late 2018 or early 2019. That release window was ultimately pushed further ahead by well over a year, presumably in the face of development challenges. Crysis Redux became Crysis Remastered and the aforementioned remastered Crysis 3 multiplayer was scrapped.

“Crysis Redux is an enhanced and upgraded version of the award-winning single-player campaign from the original Crysis, Nanosuit from Crysis 3 and Multiplayer modes with most popular maps utilizing Crytek’s state-of-the-art CRYENGINE V with all new lighting, effects and other visual optimizations,” reads a leaked slide.

The delayed Crysis Remastered further put a dent into other projects at Crytek. The entire trilogy was apparently in the pipelines to be remastered with each installment taking a year of development time. Provided that Crytek is still following that goal, Crysis 2 Remastered should be releasing somewhere in the third quarter of 2021.

That however would be saying much. Crysis Remastered was released to mixed receptions. The once highly anticipated game was initially criticized for actually downgrading the visuals compared to the original game. Crytek addressed those issues but the final product still had several bugs and technical problems, which continue to be addressed with patches.

Crytek has made no official announcement about remastering the entire trilogy for current- and next-generation platforms. Crytek though has shied away from the mention of any multiplayer support.

Crysis 3, for those unaware, saw its multiplayer servers shut down just a couple of years back after remaining online for nearly a decade. Perhaps with a bit more time, Crytek will be able to deliver that multiplayer with a shine.

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