Crysis Remake is Not a No for Xbox One and PS4

Crytek’s game Crysis gave rise to a meme that showed a benchmark in graphics and computer setups for PC games: asking “But can it run Crysis?” after a computer is bragged about. Now it seems that consoles will be able to run Crysis, if the news of Crytek not ruling out a current-gen Crysis remake is true.

Crysis originally came out in 2007, but a console port was released in 2011, shortly before the Xbox One came out. It spawned an expansion pack as well as two sequels, which continued to chronicle humanity’s war against the alien Ceph race.

All three games were praised for beautiful graphicsd. However, PC purists objected to Crysis 2 being on consoles as it would also mean a graphical downgrade for the PC port. They would have apparently rather had the graphics of the original which, in the words of Yahtzee Croshaw, “was designed for some kind of hypothetical supercomputer from space.”

Crytek technical director Rok Erjavec has said that Crytek is not ruling out the possibility of a current-gen Crysis remake, but that for now the company is focusing on other projects such as virtual reality.

Add that to the company working on Homefront: The Revolution and they’ve got a lot on their plate at the moment. However, that’s not to say that the remakes won’t be up to their usual stunning visual quality. The arguably worst game on their list, Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome, was just as visually appealing as any of their other games.

Either way, with many consoles now being able to run games at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second or somewhere close to that, Crysis may have a goldmine on its hands. This will be especially true when the Playstation 4K is released, if the Crysis remake is able to run on the console’s native 4K resolution.