Hitman 3 Director Joins Crytek To Helm Crysis 4

Mattias Engström, the former game director of Hitman 3, has been recruited by developer-publisher Crytek to lead the development of Crysis 4.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Crytek officially announced that Engström has come on board to serve as the game director of the fourth mainline installment in the nanosuit-powered Crysis franchise.

Engström previously spent around eight years at IO Interactive as a level designer for the first two Hitman games before directing the third and concluding installment in the trilogy.

Engström also spent around a decade at Ubisoft prior to his IO Interactive tenure as a level designer for Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

Crysis 4 was officially announced to be “in the early stage of development” in January. Crytek has promised to share more details as development progresses and will be “listening” to feedback from the community about potential changes or improvements.

It goes without saying that Crysis fans have a long wait ahead of them. It will be a while before they get to see how Crytek plans to fulfill its promise to bring “a truly next-gen shooter” with “photo-realistic characters” and “satisfying gunplay” for current-generation platforms.

Crysis 4 has no release window at the time of writing but anxious fans can always pick up the recently released Crysis Remastered Trilogy to go through the preceding events of the franchise. The new installment will be a direct sequel, meaning that it intends to pick up the story from where the trilogy left off. Hence, going through the remastered trilogy will help get yourself up to date with the narrative for when the fourth game arrives.

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