Crysis 3 Weapons and Attachments Guide

Crysis 3 is nearly upon us. Prophet is back in the game, and he is on a mission to find out more about his past. However, between him and the truth stand a ton lot of enemies, so they need to be dealt with. This is where the fun part begins.

You have numerous weapons to deal with these pesky aliens of all types. They are enough weapons in the game to make your head spin but fortunately for you; we have compiled a guide detailing all the weapons, their pros and cons.

There are two types of weapons in Crysis 3, primary and secondary. Primary weapons include your main guns while secondary weapons are only a bunch of the pistol you can equip as a sidearm.

Crysis 3 – Primary Weapons

Scarab Mod 2
This is the basic assault rifle of the game. Although it has low damage, its high rate of fire and reasonable accuracy more than make up for the lack of fire power. Furthermore, the gun also provides a decent range.

The standard pump action shot gun of the Crysis series. At close range, this gun is absolutely devastating. Most foes would die very quickly when faced with this beast at a close range. However, at a mid to long range, this gun is almost useless. Additionally, it also has a very slow rate of fire.

Alpha Jackal
An upgraded version of the shotgun, Jackal, from Crysis 2.

The sniper rifle in the game. It has an extremely long-range and is very accurate at it as well. It does a fair amount of damage but like anything, it has a drawback and that is its slow fire rate.

One of the heavy weapons in the game. It packs a punch and spits out bullets at a good rate as well. It provides both a reasonable accuracy and range. However, somewhat lacks in the stability department.

Feline X3
This is a submachine gun. Like any machine gun, it has very good fire rate however, low accuracy. This means that it is very good to spray bullets on enemies at a close range. Keep in mind that it is not much good at a long range.

FY7 1M
Think of this as upgraded version of the Scarab Mod 2 assault rifle. This gun provides an excellent rate of fire and very good accuracy and range. It also packs a fair amount of damage.

Predator Bow
The weapon around which the advertising of the game is based. Keep in mind that you can fire this weapon while cloaked. Moreover, the arrows decide which type of damage you will do on your enemies.

These are the types of arrows included in the game: shock, incendiary, explosive and a special arrow just for stealth. It does very good damage with being extremely stable and accurate. However, it has a low rate of fire.

Mk.60 Mod 8
This is a heavy machine gun. It gives an equal amount of very good range, accuracy and rate of fire. However, the damage of the gun is inferior to the previous mentioned characteristics.

According to in-game description this is a ‘Multi barrel stacked projectile gun.’ All I know is that the gun can fire bullets at an obscene amount of pace; like 500 rounds per second.

Anybody that gets in your way while you’re carrying this gun is an unlucky fellow indeed.

Crysis 3 – Secondary Weapons

M 12 Nova
M 12 Nova provides a good rate of fire and has excellent stability. However, it does very little damage.

Like the Nova. However, provides better damage and accuracy but not by much.

Hammer 2
Hammer 2 gives lesser amounts of fire rate and stability than the two mentioned before it, but it provides more damage.

This pistol provides a very good amount of damage with sufficient accuracy and range as well. However, it lacks in the stability department.

Crysis 3 – Explosives

M17 Frag Grenade
A standard frag grenade, it does a lot of damage. However, you can’t toss it very far.

M34 Flashbang
A flash bang grenade. Used to slow down the enemies and blind them for a few seconds.

R.E.X Charge
This is basically the C4 present in the previous games. It can be used to take down vehicles.

M18 Smoke Grenade
When thrown, foes are surrounded by a smoke screen which blinds them.

This is a rocket launcher. Works exactly how it did in the previous Crysis games.

EMP Grenade
Sends out an electromagnetic pulse when thrown.

Crysis 3 – Weapon Attachments


  • Assault Scope: This gives you a 3.5 x zoom.
  • Reflex Sight: A red dot appears in the middle of your crosshairs.
  • Sniper Scope: Gives you two zooms of 4x and 10x.
  • Iron Sight: N/A


  • Suppressor: Silences your gun.
  • Muzzle Break: Increases the stability.
  • Match Barrel: Increases the accuracy.
  • Under Barrel
  • Extended Clip: Increases your magazine size.
  • Fore grip: Increases stability of the gun.
  • Gauss Attachment: This is an electromagnetic solid slug projector.
  • Hologram: Makes a decoy to fool your foes.
  • Mini Typhoon: Attaches a mini typhoon under the barrel.


  • Standard: Basic Color of the weapon.
  • Cell: Changes color of the weapon.
  • There are also some alien weapons present in the game
  • Ceph Incinerator.
  • Ceph Pincher Rifle.
  • Ceph Bolt Sniper.

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