Crysis 2 PC Performance Tweaks Guide

You can Tweak Crysis 2 either if you are having problems with the game, or to fine-tune the game on your current rig with the help of this Crysis 2 PC Performance Tweaks Guide.

You will find below everything you need to know about tweaking Crysis 2 with some example configurations on high end PC’s.

Crysis 2 PC Performance Tweaks

You can either put these commands in the system.cfg file in your Crysis 2 directory. Or you can put them on command line by adding these in the launch properties of the shortcut.

You can right click on the shortcut, go to properties, and then add the command line options in the target box.

Change This:

C:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis 2\bin32\Crysis2.exe

to This:

C:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis 2\bin32\Crysis2.exe” +g_skipIntro 1 +cl_fov 75

You need to space and + just before you add the command line tweak to make it work properly.

Note. 1 enables the given setting, and 0 disables it. X stands for the level of settings with 1 being lowest and 3 being highest.

Where to Find Crysis 2 Config File

  • Go to X:\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2 folder
  • Find and Open in Notepad file system.cfg

Console Commands

Changes Game Effects such as body-related stuff like when they disappear.

Changes the quality of the detail of the objects.

Changes the quality of the particles.

Changes how you interact with the world, higher setting will consume more of your CPU’s power.

Changes the quality and amount of post processing used.

Changes the quality of the Shaders.

Changes the quality of the shadows.

Changes the quality of the sound.

Changes the quality of textures.

Changes the quality of the water.

Note. Command Line Tweaks with + before them are meant to be applied using target box method by adding these tweaks into shortcut properties so to launch the game with these options. If you were to add these tweaks in Crysis 2 System CFG or via console, you won’t need to add + sign before them.

Disables/Enables crouch toggle.

Disables/Enables Zoom toggle.

Disables/Enables mouse acceleration.

Disables/Enables Intro Skipping.

Enter your desired value for the Field of View.

+r_DrawNearFoV=X (Whatever Unit you are comfortable with)
Enter your desired value for the Field of View of nearby objects.

Enter your desired value for the Field of View while sprinting.

Disables/Enables Motion Blur.

Disables/Enables the Radial Blur, which gives you the effect of speed.

Disables/Enables Flare effects around certain dynamic lights.

Disables/Enables Bloom effects.

Disables/Enables HDR Rendering.

Disables/Enables Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.

Disables/Enables Shader HDR effects.

Disables/Enables Color Grading.

Disables/Enables SLI/CrossFireX.

Disables/Enables Multi-thread support.

Disables/Enables Sound feedback of a hit.

Disables/Enables shadows.

Disables/Enables Full-scene Anti-Aliasing.

Disables/Enables Edge Anti-Aliasing.

Select the desired value for Anisotropic Filtering (from 1x to 16x).

Chooses between bilinear and trilinear texture filtering.

Enter your desired value for mouse sensitivity.

General Settings Tweaks

You can edit these general settings in your System.CFG file.

sys_float_exceptions = 0
Disables performance expensive float exceptions.

g_language = “english”
Sets the game language.

g_gamespy_loginUI = 0
Disables the Gamespy login screen.

g_enableInitialLoginScreen = 0
Disables the login screen.

con_restricted = 0
Unrestricted access to the console.

Graphics Tweaks

r_Fullscreen = 1
r_width = 1680
r_height = 1050

sys_spec = 3
Tells the system cfg spec.

sys_spec_full = 4
Console variable group to apply settings to multiple variables.

sys_spec_quality = 4
Console variable group to apply settings to multiple variables.

q_quality = 4
If called with a parameter it sets the quality of all q_.. variables.

r_VSync = 0
Toggles vertical sync.

sys_MaxFPS = 60
Limits the maximum frame rate to specified number.

e_TerrainDeformations = 1
Allows in-game terrain surface deformations.

Audio Setting Tweaks

General audio settings tweaks you can do in Crysis 2.

s_SpeakerConfig = 0
AutoDetect speaker configuration.

s_FormatType = 3
Sets the format data type to PCM 24bit.

s_FormatSampleRate = 48000
Sets the output sample rate.

s_MusicEnable = 1
Enable/disable music.

Go to Next Page of Crysis 2 Tweak Guide for multiplayer setting tweaks and example configs.

Everything you need to know about tweaking multiplayer settings in Crysis 2 aided with few example configs for high-end PC’s.

Multiplayer Setting Tweaks

General multiplayer setting tweaks you can do in Crysis 2.

net_inactivitytimeout = 32
No. of sec until server trows inactive connection away.

net_inactivitytimeoutDevmode = 32
Same as above, but for Devmode.

net_lanbrowser = 1
Find LAN (local) matches instead of internet matches in multiplayer serverbrowser.

net_initLobbyServiceToLan = 1
Make LAN (local) lobbies instead of internet lobbies in multiplayer.

sv_lanonly = 1
launch LAN only server.

sv_servername = “LAN”
Server name (should show up in LAN serverbrowser).

cl_nickname = “<>ikon”
Nickname for multiplayer.

sv_gs_trackstats = 0
Disable Gamespy stats tracking.

sv_gs_report = 0
Disable Gamespy server reporting.

g_useOnlineServiceForDedicated = 0
Dedicated server in LAN mode (don’t know for sure, this config crashes dedicated server).

net_pb_cl_enable = 0
Enable/disable PunkBuster client.

net_pb_sv_enable = 0
Enable/disable PunkBuster server.

net_setOnlineMode = LAN
Sets the net mode where available. Options are online or LAN.

Miscellaneous Settings Tweaks

Miscellaneous setting tweaks in Crysis 2 that you may or may not need but can come handy anyway.

e_DisplayMemoryUsageIcon = 0
Enables/disables the memory usage icon rendering.

i_forcefeedback = 0
Enable/Disable force feedback output

i_mouse_smooth = 30
Sets the mouse smoothing value

g_skipIntro = 1
Skip all the intro videos

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