Crysis 2 Souvenirs Location Guide

If you want to unlock Tourist Achievement/Trophy in Crysis 2, you will need to collect all the Souvenirs that are scattered around the map of New York City which you can do by following the instructions in our location guide.

Crysis 2 Souvenir Location Guide

Second Chance – (Statue of Liberty)
When you are on the streets once again after opening the security doors, go towards the northside. You’ll see “The Drug Store” and “The pharmacy”. In the drugstore, in front of a yellow cab. Go inside and you will find it on top of the counter.

Sudden Impact – (Yellow Cab)
Go down the streets to a destroyed carpark in the crash site, you’ll find an opened garage door that goes underground. Go into the opening and after following it to the other side you’ll find a small booth. The souvenir is inside, on top of the cabinet, go in there from the back door to get it.
Note: You have to bash the door in order to go inside.

Road Rage – (Police Car)
Go up an orange colored scaffolding at the beginning of the level. Now, move towards the right side to an area where living quarters and a bed is arranged. You’ll find the Souvenir in the corner alongside the wall having a graffiti saying “Gold Help Us”

Lab Rat – (US Flag with Buildings)
Come down to the second floor after you have destroyed the helicopter. Now, look for crates in the lab, you will notice a window on the left with sunlight coming through on the crate with Souvenir.

Gate Keepers – (Cathedral)
After reaching the Cathedral tower, you’ll find the Souvenir “a small statue” resting on top of few stacked boxes behind the tables. Be sure to kill some adversaries while on your way.

Dead Man Walking – (Hotdog Stand)
After entering the bank, go down the stairs and head to the room situated on the left side of the “HGR Finance” having wall mounted LCDs. You’ll find the souvenir besides the plant near the computers at the corner of the office.

Seat of Power – (NYC City Hall)
After entering the office building near the stretchers and tents, go up the stairs and take a left at the top. You should see a small alien running, follow it. In the hallway office, you’ll find the souvenir in the left corner on a table next to the heater and computer.

Dark Heart – (Train)
Move along the green door after the subway tunnel journey. Go towards the left entrance when you see a large shadow of a small alien bug on the wall. Go inside the room to find the souvenir at the bottom of the air duct.

Semper Fi or Die – (Ship)
Proceed to the right section of the area where you’ll find a waterfall and stores up on a ledge. Go into the Super Savin Store and inside the store, you should see the souvenir on the left of the counter.

Corporate Collapse
After reaching the pool where the Head of the Statue of Liberty is resting, swim under water and swim inside the head of the statue to find the souvenir next to a dump of ammo.

Train to Catch
After entering the library that is on fire, find the front desk and you’ll find the souvenir on the right side of the desk.

Unsafe Haven
Enter the building at the end of the street, and into the office. The souvenir is between the computer and the desk fan in the same office you need to press the switch.

After following Colonel Barclay to the planning room, you’ll find the Souvenir on top of the table besides two soldiers glancing at the subway map inside the room with marines.

Power Out – (Globe)
You will face an EVAC checkpoint gateway before dropping down to Times Square. Beside the barricade is a sandwich store that is entered through a sidewalk. The Souvenir is on the cashier’s counter in the left-most room.

Eye of the Storm – (Lighthouse)
After entering the compound on the far right, you’ll see a Guard tower behind the opening. The souvenir is in the room on top of the table beside the ammunition box on top of Guard Tower on the right. Simply jump onto the metal box and “run and jump” to have a hold on the window and pull yourself up.

Mask Off – (Bridge)
When you reach the museum room of Hargreave, look under the TV table in the library room where Hargreave interacts with you and you’ll find the souvenir.

Out of the Ashes
Take an elevator to the 2nd floor. Make your way to the Tactical Point 2 (Use Turret). The souvenir is above the red sofa in the hotel room next to the bed in the finance dept.

A Walk in the Park – (Horse Carriage)
Following the air amphitheater, you will come across room with a locked door. An explosive barrel and X-43 can easily be spotted inside the cargo container on the edge of the cliff. blast to get inside. Souvenir is inside that room.

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