Crysis 2 Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Our tips to help you get better at Crysis 2 multiplayer.

Crysis 2 multiplayer is fast and intensive. Use of Nanosuit will spice up things a bit more. Nanosuit abilities add another dimension to how the multiplayer plays out in Crysis 2. You will be relying heavily on your nanosuit abilities for different reasons.

To help you play the game better, we have created this useful guide that will walk you through all the weapons, nanosuit Modules, multiplayer classes, and maps specific strategies in Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 Game Modes

Crysis 2 features traditional team death match dubbed “Instant Action” and “Crash Site” game modes. In Crash Site game mode, you need to defend the crash pod dropped randomly at different places in the map.

Team Instant Action
There is nothing new about this mode except for the fact that you will be playing it in Crysis 2. This mode is perfectly suited to test Nanosuit’s abilities as there is only one objective and that is to kill as many as you can in a given time.

It depends on your psyche whether you adopt an aggressive approach using armor or prefer sneaky kills using the stealth mode. Being only a good shooter won’t make you a better player as you would need to learn the effectiveness of nanosuit and how to counter it at the same time.

Crash Site
In this mode, teams are supposed to guard Ceph Drop Pods to earn points. The team with maximum points will win the battle. These pods will be revealed periodically just like the headquarters mode in Call of Duty series.

Beside teamwork, this mode requires aggression (to capture the pods) followed by tactical approach (to defend the captured target).

Crysis 2 NanoSuit Modules

These modules will render nanosuit with different abilities. Choose the one you like and the one that suits your gamestyle better.

There are three types of Nanosuit modules you can equip in Crysis 2 and these are Armor, Stealth and Power modules. You have number of options available and you can choose the one that complements your game style. Read our detailed Guide on Crysis 2 Nanosuit Modules to know everything about each with their respective use in different situations.

You will find it difficult to adjust at the start, but once you get a grip of how you should use your nanosuit abilities, you will start enjoying the game. The best way is to practice to pop into cloak, hunt for an opponent, pop out of cloak, and finally throwing up your armor and shoot your enemy.

You shouldn’t use both of these abilities at the same time as it drains your suit energy almost too quickly. Remember, everyone seems to have their armor on all the time. So if you get into a firefight with someone who has armor mod on and you do not, you will lose almost every time no matter how many shots you fire.

Crysis 2 Weapon Guide

Read our Crysis 2 Weapons Guide that lists down every weapon with its relative statistics and provide useful information on the core use of the weapon in Crysis 2.

Whatever weapon you choose, one thing to remember is that you have got to aim and aim high. Firing from the hip almost never works unless you’re very close.

Since the game is new not everything is balanced in terms of damage done by guns, spawning, etc. Snipers are way too powerful. You won’t find many snipers in the game but when one shows up, it almost gets frustrating; they cloak, hunt, fire one shot, then re-cloak. Though, you can successfully back-track their location using your nanosuit abilities.

Crysis 2 Class Guide

Read our Crysis 2 Multiplayer Class Guide that provides an overview of each multiplayer class in Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 Maps Guide

Crysis 2 Maps Guide will walk you through each map available in Crysis 2 with map specific tactics and strategies. Coming Soon!

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Tips

1# You can scan your environment using your nanosuit’s built-in Nano Vision, which highlights every important object that surrounds you. Focus on the triangles pointing down, these are the enemies nearby.

Mark these enemies and they would appear on your HUD and radar even when you aren’t in nano vision mod. Extremely useful to track and finish off your enemies.

2# Crysis 2 is not a game that easily allows you to run-and-gun even on the easiest of difficulties. Keep in mind the nanosuit abilities and know that your opponents will most probably be waiting for you in cloak mode.

You can’t just pop up in front of these baddies and expect to finish them off with your aim. Your best shot as previously explained is search for the enemies in stealth mode, finish them off with your armor on, and leave the area of encounter before you alert other enemies nearby.

3# There would be situations when you would run out of your suit energy just in the wrong time. You will be exposed with enemies nearby. In these sort of situations your best bet is the cover nearby. Your suit energy recharges extremely fast when not in use, so you just need to survive few seconds before you enable your cloak or armor to take on these enemies.

It’s best to stay in cover and wait for the moment your enemies run out of their suit energy. Never go into firefight without your armor mod on or you will pretty much end up dead every time unless and until you take the enemy from behind.

4# Make good use of the mounted machine guns that you can find at certain locations in some of the Crysis 2 multiplayer maps. While you can cover certain area with these machine guns, you should know that you can detach them and carry with you anywhere.

You can place them at any of the tactical spots, or on the high grounds and rack up kills. Though, picking up these guns will slow you down so keep your armor up.

5# Collecting dog tags will earn your kill streak rewards, the type of kill streak reward you earn by collecting 3, 5 or 7 dog tags will be dependent on the map you are playing.

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