CryptoKitties Guide: What Are CryptoKitties?, Generations, Cattributes, Cooldowns

In this Cryptokitties guide we are going to answer the question; what are Cryptokitties? We are also going to talk about Cryptokitties generations, Cryptokitties cattributes as well as Cryptokitties cooldowns. By the end of this Cryptokitties guide, you will have the answer to; what are Cryptokitties? and will know about Cryptokitties generations, Cryptokitties cattributes and cooldowns.

What Are CryptoKitties?

Cryptokitties are virtual cats that reside on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy, sell and breed these Cryptokitties. Once you purchase a Cryptokitty, no one can take it away, not even the company. The owner of these Cryptokitties is your public address and only you have the private key.

The breeding mechanism is the most interesting aspect of this application. Breeding two Cryptokitties you can create a new and unique with its own “cattributes” and name.

What Are CryptoKitties Generations

All Crytokitties are part of a Generation. This means that those Cryptokitties that were created “magically” belong to Generation 0 and any new Cryptokitty created from breeding these are “Generation+1” of the oldest parents.

For example:

Generation 0 + Generation 0 = Generation 1

Generation 0 + Generation 1 = Generation 2 (Since Generation 1 is younger)

What Are CryptoKitties Cattributes

These refer to the “cat attributes” which are what make a Cryptokitty unique. These describe your Cryptokitty completely including eye color, eyes, eyebrows, mood and patterns.

Note that these cattributes are phenotypes meaning they are physically manifested but each Cryptokitty also carries genotypes which are not physically manifested. These genotypes can come out, later on, resulting in the Crptokitty having cattributes that are different from the parents.

In light of this many community resources have come out. These pages are excellent to get information of the different and rare cattributes. Remember, the rarer the cattribute, the more valuable it will make your Cryptokitty.

What Are CryptoKitties Cooldowns

The final thing to know about Cryptokitties is their cooldown. This shows how long it takes for a kitty to recover after breeding. The faster that happens, the sooner your Cryptokitty can breed. The general assumption regarding this is that the earlier the generation of the Crytokitty, the quicker is its cooldown.

With the knowledge of these three things you may purchase the Cryptokitty you think best suits your pocket and needs. Happy shopping!

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