CryptoKitties Beginners Guide – How to Get Started, Buying, Selling, Trading, Cattributes, Etherium Network

CryptoKitties can be quite a complicated game with a lot of nuances for beginners. It can be quite hard to come to grips with all of the features of the game and understanding how you can utilize these features to benefit your pet. We will also see how this relates to Cryptocurrency and the impact that it will have on its future.

This CryptoKitties Beginners Guide will tell you about all of the aforementioned features. We will tell you all about how you can have more fun with your cats as you keep on exploring the multiple facets that the game provides, both for fun and for business.

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Starting CryptoKitties with CryptoKitties Beginners Guide

You can buy, collect and trade kitties in the marketplace in CryptoKitties. They sell in Ether and you can collect them, mate them and pass their traits on to other Kitties.

This means that people mate kitties together and try to get the kitties that they find adorable. You can either buy two kitties and mate them or pay someone to sire your kitty and create a new one.

Generation is important, the lower that it is, the higher the price is. Cattributes also play another important part in the worth of the kitty.

Cattributes determine the picture of your kitty but the exact algorithm is still unknown as the developers have given no information on it. Simply, people mate cats together and try to create rare cats. Cats can be as expensive as thousands of dollars.

CryptoKitties Guide – First Steps

Once you have a kitty, you have the option of selling it, mating it or giving it away. So you ideally want to create rare kitties and sell them or keep them in your collection for your pleasure. The concept is very simple but very addictive which is why so many people play it.

The main thing about this game is that you will always own your kitties in your Etherium wallet. The game is decentralized and once you buy a Kitty, you get its token. You can then use that token for your life regardless of the game shutting down. It also means that you own the kitty and the developers cannot change the kitty.

Cryptokitties are currently using 20 percent of the gas on Etherium network, that is just how popular Cryptokitties are. There has been some slowdown in the network but that will probably be fixed by Etherium sometime soon. The prices of some of the kitties are audacious and there have been more than 6 million dollars has been spent by people within the span of less than a week.

Kitties have been sold for as much as 100,000 dollars, so it might be a good way to get into the world of crypto without getting bogged down with all of the numbers and technicalities.

That is all we have for our CryptoKitties Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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