Cryptocurrency Mining Craze And How Manucfacturers Feel About It

Cryptocurrency mining craze is at an all-time high but this is a very volatile market and we know that Bitcoin did take a hit back in 2014 but now is on the rise again. Having that said, GPUs have been out of stock for a while now and GPU makers are disappointed that they have not been able to meet the demands of the gaming community. Miners are snagging all the GPUs that they can get their hands

Miners are snagging all the GPUs that they can get their hands on, especially AMD GPUs. AMD GPUs seems to work better when it comes to Cryptocurrency mining and that is one of the reasons why the AMD RX 580 and 570 has been out of stock for a while. How soon can you expect to see more GPUs? This is a question here cannot answer clearly.

But what we can tell you is the science behind all this. With Vega and Volta on the horizon, manufacturers do not want to make products that will not sell in the market. Seeing the demand as of right now for GPUs, manufacturers will make more but then when Vega and Volta come out they will be stuck with products that might not sell as well. This is a great risk that they do not want to take.

Having that said Nvidia and AMD are working on GPUs that are aimed at the Cryptocurrency mining trend and these GPUs will consume less energy and be cheaper. The downside is that if the Cryptocurrency mining market crashes then these GPUs will not be worth much and I doubt that they will have any resale value at all.

If these GPUs had display ports then they could be used for gaming but since they do not come with display ports they can only be used for Cryptocurrency mining.

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