CryEngine Releasing for Android and VR Devices

Crytek has announced that it plans to release its powerful CryEngine for Android and VR devices sometime this year.

In a press release, the studio revealed that it will be showcasing its engine at work in a brand new VR demo and on Android devices at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco this March. Attendants will get to see first hand how developers will be able to utilize CryEngine in their future projects and on those specific platforms.

As for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Crytek will also be unveiling the CryEngine Sandbox, a very powerful and flexible toolset that will help in high-end multi-platform game development.

It’s good to see Crytek updating its engine to meet new demands. Epic has already been tinkering with Unreal Engine 4, and Unity has just received a batch of new updates to the pleasure of developers. Continuous progression on this path will help in seeing better and more optimized games in the future.

via GameReactor

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