Crusader Kings II’s Way of Life DLC Sounds More Like The Sims

Although Crusader Kings II is getting up there in age now, publisher Paradox Interactive is still actively supporting the strategy game. Its latest expansion, called Way of Life, will land through downloadable content (DLC) on December 16, 2014 for $7.99.

Way of Life takes a hold of the PC game’s roleplaying game (RPG) elements and cranks them up for rom-com effect. For instance, you’ll be able to set a Focus on your ruler, which determines what sort of events will shape their existence.

There are ten Focus options to choose from, which we’ll detail below with the company’s apt descriptions intact:

  • Rulership – Be a better king
  • Business – Gold is good
  • Hunting – Kill the beast
  • War – What’s yours is mine
  • Family – The most important thing, right?
  • Carousing – ahem (This means drinking considerable amounts of alcohol)
  • Seduction – double ahem (You know exactly what this means)
  • Intrigue – Sneaky, sneak
  • Scholarship – We love to learn
  • Theology – Do it for the big guy upstairs

Additionally, the Way of Life DLC adds new diplomatic interactions to Crusader Kings II. Rulers will be able to challenge others to duels, mess around with their love life, spy on people or free prisoners.

Hundreds of new events will be available in the DLC, which could be related to the Focus element of the expansion.  Anything to draw away the attention that Crusader Kings II is actually a deep strategy title and not some light-hearted RPG like The Sims.

Crusader Kings II was originally released in February of 2012. Its focus on interpersonal relationships, however, have made its community a strong and long-lasting one, where everyone has unique stories to share.

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