Crusader Kings 3 Boasts “Vastly Superior” Character Building

Much like the past installments in the franchise, Crusader Kings 3 will present a grand and strategic gameplay board of the world for you to run through the ages. Unlike its predecessors, though, the upcoming direct sequel will be “vastly superior” when it comes to building your characters.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer Paradox Development Studio stated that Crusader Kings 3 aims to improve and deepen role-playing elements by giving players the freedom to choose. This privilege does seep through the gameplay at numerous turns. However, the main focus here is the freedom to actually be able to direct your own family lineage through the centuries.

Based on various factors; lifestyle, politics, popularity, and such, Crusader Kings 3 will follow the journey of your own family to see them either flourish or destroyed. Such features were also present in the past installments to a certain degree. Crusader Kings 3 just turns the dial all the way to the red. Paradox Development Studio stated that there’s real genetics at play in the sequel, integrating with a larger and more complex world design.

Hence, when asked what the most captivating factor of Crusader Kings 3 will be, Paradox Development Studio didn’t hesitate to point out the improved character-building features.

We have aimed to improve and deepen the RPG aspects of the game, focusing on player freedom and choice. While CK3 is no less a strategy game than CK2 was, it is vastly superior in the character building aspect. You will be able to direct your own character’s destiny through your Lifestyle, and that of your entire Dynasty through the use of renown and Legacies. There’s real genetics instead of static portraits, a larger and more intricate world… the list goes on. We believe that the main captivating factor will be the characters, and their journey throughout the centuries – to see your family line flourish.

Renown is a new resource introduced in Crusader Kings 3 that can only be used by heads of dynasties to assert control over their houses. For example, the spendable currency can be used to lay claim to lands or fortunes, disinherit families, legitimise bastards, or take other actions to strengthen your position as head of the dynasty. The goal being to spread your family lineage far and wide, even if some families have decided to use their own names. It’s all fine as long as you have their allegiance.

Crusader Kings 3 is currently in development for PC and slated for launch sometime in 2020.

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