Crusader Kings 3 Raiding Tips

War is an integral part of Crusader Kings 3 but warfare takes a lot of resources and they are not easy to get. For this, players can either trade or raid. These Crusader Kings 3 Raiding Tips will help players understand how to raid other settlements.

Crusader Kings 3 Raiding Tips

Pagan and Hindu rulers, tribal and nomadic rulers of any religion, along with certain cultures, may raid enemy provinces without bothering to declare war.

Bringing home loot can be a major source of wealth and prestige and raids are the easiest way to earn Gold and Prestige.

The amount of prestige you earn is one to one for the amount of gold your raiding party brings back to your realm. This is why raids prove to be the most efficient way for gold and prestige.

To raid, you need to make sure you have a rallying point in a neutral area near the settlement you wish to raid. You can also create a new rally point especially to raid the area.

Once you have your rally point, the next thing is an army. Select the Rally Point and you get the option to Raise Local Raiders.

This allows you to make an army as large as you wish. A larger army has a higher chance of success than a small and weak army.

Depending on your resources or whatever time you want to give, select your army and have them move into any neutral province you want to raid. This will automatically start a raid.

Just be fully prepared for the raid as it might take many days at times especially when you are aiming for the seas. If you wish to see the progress report on a raid then you have to just click on the tab of raiding army.

The whole purpose of raids is to get gold and you can do that by:

  • You must raid nearby places such as the neighboring province or vassal’s demesne.
  • You must aim for those provinces which have ships in their water territory. This way all the loot will automatically be transferred to the fleet of ships and can be carried away by you when you ship away.

You won’t get the gold unless you raid the provinces near you. If you attack some other places, you will only get the Prestige and only prisoners or artifacts to have for ransom.

Strategies and Tips

  • Germanic Pagans are the best for raiding as they have access to shipyards.
  • Target rich areas. Use the Economy Map Mode to target juicy areas and then raid them for better loots.
  • Focus on provinces with more cities/churches than castles, or provinces with squishy county capitals. If your religion or government type allows concubines, consider distant targets such as Constantinople. Come back after 3 years.
  • Raid islands if you can. Exploit the AI’s inability to use ships.
  • Avoid raiding temple of your own religion to not decrease moral

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