Crusader Kings 3 Intrigue Guide

In this Crusader Kings 3 Intrigue guide, we will discuss everything there is to know about the Intrigue mechanic in Crusader Kinds 3. We will take a look at schemes, hooks, secrets, and plots that will help you get to the top. Intrigue is effective and so much fun to do. Let’s get started:

Crusader Kings 3 Intrigue

Intrigue is a very important part of Crusader Kings 3 if you do not want to get betrayed every two seconds in this Game.

Think of this as Game of thrones. You must have something on the other person so that you have power over them. If you don’t, well, then you win, or you die.

Being skilled in skullduggery is very important to excel in this Game. Let’s take a look at how to begin this madness:

How Intrigue works?

Throw your morals out the window because you have to become “Little Finger” (yes, there are going to be more GOT references in this guide).

In short, you have to be the most cunning *shole to win in this Game if you pick the Intrigue lifestyle.

You might want your heirs to become better plotters so that they can rule from the dark. You can do this by getting them tutored by the best people in your realm with the most Intrigue Skill status.

Intrigue has three shades. You should focus on one of them, but if your character has a long enough lifespan, then you will have time to master all three.

The Schemer
You will be able to protect yourself from hostile attacks. This will also increase the chances of your plot’s success to increase exponentially.

The Torturer
With this path, you will be using the Dread mechanic. This will help you to use fear as a means to keep your vassals in line. Fear can be a very powerful tool.

People who don’t care for you will still obey you through fear.

The Seducer
Well, the name gives it away. You become a playboy and seduce your way through the Game. You manipulate the people in power and get into their bed and then control them afterward.

Let’s take a look at hooks and how they work:

This is what Intrigue is all about; having something to hold over the necks of your enemies like a sword.

This is the leverage that you will use to make people do things for you that they wouldn’t do without using it.

This can be a favor or some dark secret that they do not want the world to know. If they are holier than a priest, you can make use of the Truth ability from the Schemer tree and fabricate a lie.

This lie can be used as a hook that you will spread a rumor about them which would be extremely hard to discredit.

You can force other characters to do anything for you, from agreeing to a lopsided marriage offer or helping you to murder someone.

If you have a strong hook over someone, it will make them think ten times before they attempt to hurt you.

Being head of a noble house has its perks, as you will get one Hook on everyone born in your house for free.

Feudal elite has a lot of importance for the phrase “Because I said so”.

The Spymaster
This is the most important person to you when you are using Intrigue. This can be an asset as well as a liability.

You have to be very careful whilst choosing this councilor as the Intrigue skill of this person directly impacts the probability of your plan failing or succeeding.

“Find Secrets” action with your spymaster can be used to find dirt on anyone in your realm that can be used as hooks.

However, the spymaster can be used against you as well. If they are conscripted by your enemies against you, they can provide so much ammo to your enemies that they would be able to take you out for good.

So be careful as you can be stabbed in the back as well. Never entrust someone as you spymaster who has a lot of dirt on them already as they can be blackmailed into turning against you.

Tips and Tricks

Kidnapping and murder are a part of the Intrigue system, but that is not all of it.

You will use personal schemes as well which are “mostly” innocent. An example of personal schemes is sway, in which someone will fall for you.

Seduce and Romance will help you get a truckload of lovers and maybe you will be able to find a soul mate.

You can manipulate these paramours to do your evil work but if you don’t want to make them it’s your choice.

You can also use the Befriend scheme. This scheme is from the Diplomacy lifestyle. This allows you to friend zone the other person.

This means that they will become your platonic friend and would do anything for you and at the same time reduce your enemies.

Beware of Traitors
Pardon me for saying it again but just like Game of Thrones. No one is your friend. Trust no one and always watch your back.

You can do this by looking out for any unhappy vassals. Take care of any relatives that will benefit from your death.

If your relatives have high Intrigue skills then definitely keep an eye on them, especially if their traits include deceitful, greedy, and ambitious.

You can take care of them by making them your friends, getting dirt on them, or intimidating them by increasing your dread.

But in my opinion, the best way is to just take them out before they take you out. But don’t get caught while attempting to do that.

If you are caught, you can be seen as a cruel tyrant by those you rule.

Using any of these tips in real life is entirely up to you and would have nothing to do with this guide or its author.

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