How to Backdoor Enemies in Crusader Kings 3

In This How to Backdoor Enemies Guide, we will explain the basics of doing a Backdoor maneuver in Crusader Kings 3 and how a Backdoor can end up backfiring on you if you aren’t careful.

Crusader Kings 3 Backdoor Enemies

When ruling over your kingdom peacefully in Crusader Kings 3, there comes a time when the A.I become too challenging, or you start running out of rations.

Or if the A.I take over one of your counties/dukedoms, and then your only option is to do a backdoor maneuver which is sort of like bypassing the enemy.

In this guide, we will tell you about that in detail.

How to do a Backdoor Maneuver

In the previous Crusader Kings game, if the enemies engaged in battle and captured you (the leader), the war would end immediately in a loss.

That still works the same way in Crusader Kings 3 but this time you can stay in your capital and command your army to raid kingdoms.

Doing so has its risks.

If the enemy bypasses your army and attacks your capital then captures/kills you, you will lose that war because there won’t be anyone to command the army, and everything will be in disarray.

This is precisely what a Backdoor maneuver is.

If you think that the enemy is too strong to beat in a fair crusade, you take the “backdoor” and launch an attack on their unguarded capital to kill the leader.

Doing so will give you a 100% victory in that war, and the enemies’ kingdom will be yours to rule.

Speed is a key factor here. If you are too late in making your move, the enemy might have already taken over your kingdom.

The Worst-Case Scenario

Now let’s assume that you did a backdoor maneuver but didn’t find the leader in the capital and worse comes to worst, the enemy has started to sack your kingdom,

Fear not, as you’ll most likely find other valuables or a family member/ heir to kidnap or kill during your raid.

If you lose your kingdom during this process, you can kill that family member to destabilize the hierarchy in the enemies’ kingdom.

Doing so will disintegrate their counties, and then you can easily take them back in the future.

This can be considered as laying a foundation for future siege attempts to the same kingdom.

Offensive Backdoor Maneuver

This move can normally not work in offensive scenarios because when you attack an enemy’s capital, the army will already be there waiting for you.

But if you are already fighting a long and losing crusade, then you can launch a backdoor maneuver with higher success rates as the majority of enemy forces are already busy fighting you on the battlefield.

For this strategy to work effectively, you should choose a small platoon that can slip past the enemy flanks unnoticed and is enough to take care of a small enemy platoon if need be.

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