Crusader Kings 3 Armies Guide

When playing Crusader Kings 3, you will need good troops by your side in order to take out your enemies efficiently. Your Crusader King’s 3 army should consist of strong and dedicated soldiers instead of just common citizens.

The quality of the troops directly determines how effective your army will perform. This Crusader Kings III armies guide will go over everything you need to know about raising and maintaining the quality your troops.

Crusader Kings 3 Armies

In order to have an effective army that can not only help govern your state but also be able to deal with external threats, you need to pay close attention.

To help grow an army and satisfy it’s needs in CK3, we have given some tips below to follow.

Raising the Army Quality

In order to improve the quality of your army, you must pick the right kind of troops.

Your options are to either have more men-at-arms forming together or to get more knights. Check the indicator on the top right of the screen.

This will inform you about the total number of levies that can be summoned. You should keep a few men-at-arms units with the levies in order to counter enemy strategies.

How To Resupply

Taking on enemies in war will cause your troops to use up the little supplies they have. Click on the army to check the amount of supplies they have left and the cause of attrition.

The more the supplies get diminished, the less powerful your army becomes. This puts them at a severe handicap against the next bunch of enemy troops you will encounter.

Each soldier needs a single set of supplies so needless to say; resupplying should be a top priority when you find yourself running short of resources.

This can be done by having your troops rest and replenish in areas that belong to you. Be sure hover over the locations you want to pick in order to check that they can provide your army with sufficient supplies.

Your army has a one percent attrition rate and this will continue to make things harder for you if don’t stop by friendly environments to restock on supplies.

This is the key to maintaining a well stocked and well rounded army in CK3.