Crusader Kings 3 Achievements Guide

Our Crusader Kings 3 Rare Achievements Guide details the requirements for the rarest achievements in Ck 3 along with details of obtaining them.

Crusader Kings 3 Rare Achievements

The following are some of the rarest achievements in Crusader Kings 3. we have detailed the way in which you can get these achievements if you stay persistent.

Mother of Us All

Requirements: Starting as Daurama Daura of Kano in 867, have your line reform an African faith and convert all of Africa to it.

First off, start as Daurama Daura. Then choose to disinherit Bavo when the game event offers you an inheritance choice in contrast with choosing the matriarchy option.

This will save you from a mid-game dispute leading to the throne falling to some cousin’s granddaughter.

Then, after getting the Gobir duchy, capture the rest of the Hausaland Kingdom. But do this before Daurama’s death, or else the kingdom will be divided into duchies afterward. Throughout this time, the priest-advisor should only be engaged with county conversion.

The next successor should focus on the capture of the Kanem-Bornu empire or the capture of the sacred points of the Bori faith.

The character that captures the sacred points will learn the 3rd branch of the knowledge skill tree, Theology, which will reduce the cost of the reformation.

Next, you must Reform the Faith. For this, you will need the following perks; Mendicant Preacher to increase conversion rate by 33%, Warmonger (optional), overuse of Holy Wars may lower fervor leading to a heresy outbreak and finally Islamic Syncretism to arrange alliances with Islamic countries through weddings, reduce their aggression and keep them from rebelling repeatedly.

When the empire has been strongly established, such that it would not be divided after death, you can go to Egypt so that you can take care of the Abbasids in the early game as they can be tough later on.

Change the confederal division into an equal division when it is possible.

Conquer everything in Africa then. Paint the map, not forgetting about the small islands that belong to Africa.

If you have taken Islamic Syncretism, then you’ll have enough time to convert all sorts of African-pagan countries.

Once that is done, you can reform the religion again by removing Islamic Syncretism and start converting the Muslims. During this, you must not worry about the Old Bori faith as the achievement can be won without converting the heretic faith.

A Perfect Circle

Requirements: Have only two distinct parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

To get the achievement, your character should have only 2 grandparents and 2 great-grandparents, meaning there are at least 3 generations of sibling inbreeding. The character should not have unknown ancestors in these generations.

Start in Iceland with a restricted diplomatic range. Get the Unrestricted Marriage Consanguinity perk to allow sibling inbreeding. Marry your sons and daughters in all subsequent generations.

The incest trait will lower the fertility, but Seduction will offset this.

The greatest risk here is off cuckoldry as any one person in these generations fornicating can ruin all of this. Playing a female ruler along with predominant homosexuality and asexuality rules can alleviate this.

Wily as the Fox

Requirements: Starting as Robert the Fox in 1066, rule Sicily, hold a Greek Kingdom, and convert it to Catholicism

Playing as Duke Robert de Hauteville of Apulia in 1066, obtain enough gold to obtain the Duchy of Calabria and then get a hold on the Kingdom of Sicily.

Swear fealty to the Byzantine Empire and become a vessel to them. Then, get a feudal contract that gives you Religious Rights to keep Catholicism using a hook on the Byzantine Empire; alternatively, you can offer more taxes or troops to get it.

Conquer and convert the fellow vessels of Greece i.e. Hellas and Epirus to complete the achievement.


Requirements: You have to be French, Catholic, controlling the Kingdom of Thessalonika, independent of Byzantium. Although you do not have to be Catholic in particular, rather you can be from any faith except Orthodox and Iconoclast.

Start as Haesteinn in 867 and convert to the French culture right away.

This will give you access to siege weapons right from the start, which will make it convenient to conquer the County of Napoli. This will bring you within range of Byzantium and you can begin preparing to invade.

Make sure that West Francia is taken care of as they may assist Byzantium when you invade.

Swearing fealty to the French will keep this from happening. Recruit allies to help you in the invasion, and one you’re ready, declare war and conquer Thessalonika.

Norman Yoke

Requirements: Starting as William in 1066, win the Invasion, become English, and have only English vassals.

First, you must prepare for the Norman invasion. For that, you can take a couple of measures, i.e., you can marry all the children to gain strong allies, hire mercenaries and collect troops and call for allies that can rally to your cause. With all the preparations done, you will surely be victorious.

Next, you must move the capital to London and adopt the English culture. To get all the vassal to become English as well, you can grant the duchies to your relatives who also adopted the English culture and distribute small towns and baronies to “representatives of the small nobility” through a button. And take away the thrones from all Anglo-Saxon vassals and put Englishmen on the thrones.


Requirements: Starting as an Iberian Muslim, control Iberia and take the Avenge the Battle of Tours decision.

Start as an Iberian Muslim, for example, Dhunnunid, conquer the entire Iberian Peninsula (Spain), the desired piece of France and make the Avenge the Battle of Tours decision on the menu.

You must take a careful approach as the Iberian Muslims in 867 are Bedouin Tribes and cannot overpower the Crusader forces.

Do not immediately start to paint the entire map as the Crusaders will come at you with force, instead take it slow and do not touch Castile until the very end. If you do, the Pope will strong hand you.

Fight France and capture a piece of the land to make them weak. Slowly cut out rulers and break alliances to reduce their power and ultimately take the whole of France. Along the way, you can take it up with the Holy Roman Empire as well.

Once you have France, capture Castile and now the Christians will not do anything to stop you.

Blood Eagle

Requirements: Starting as any child of Ragnarr Lodbrok, conquer all of the British Isles

The difficulty of the achievement is that both Christians and other Scandinavians who want to chop off a piece of British land are seeing you as easy prey. Children of Ragnarr Lothbrok are present in 867:

  1. Jarl Ivar of the Isles, Scotland
  2. Jarl Björn of Uppland, Sweden
  3. Ubbe Ragnarrson Ubbing in court of Halfdan
  4. Jarl Halfdan of Jorvik, England
  5. Jarl Sigurd of Sjealland, Denmark

Start off as anyone and convert to Christianity after winning the first wars. This will make life much easier for you and keep your land from being seized. Then you can become a vessel to the Scottish King, preferably and Ivar to let them deal with the Scandinavians.

During this time, keep growing your forces and take more land from fellow vessels, once the time is right, dethrone the king and take his places and then slowly conquer the British Isles.

The Things Love Does for Us

Requirement: Have a lover save you from a murder attempt.

You need at least one lover who is not a ruler and Mortal Adoration perk to trigger such an event.

Start as King Alfonso VI 1066, who has his own heir King Sancho II who will to kill Alfonso for the throne. Place Alfonso’s lover Urraca as her spymaster, to protect him until he gets other lovers and the required perk.

Once he has it, break up with Urraca to make her join the plot with Sancho. During this, do not marry for legal children or legitimize bastards which will keep Sancho from executing the plot as he won’t be the heir anymore.

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