Crowfall Tips for Surviving in the Eternal Kingdom

Crowfall is a massively multiplayer online game that involves online role-playing and real-time strategies. It is different from the traditional MMO games, which makes it a little tricky. The game consists of a bunch of servers, weapons, and resources that can get quite overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these Crowfall Tips to get you started!

Crowfall Tips

In this guide, we’ll be touching on every aspect of the game and possible hindrances you can face. We’ll be discussing some fundamental Crowfall Tips for Beginners that you absolutely need to know if you’re going to survive in the ruthless MMORPG.

Let’s see how we can improve your overall gameplay experience with these Crowfall tips for beginners.

Select a Character

Before you start with your journey in Crowfall, we suggest you take some steps in advance.

Hit the enter button and choose a character of your liking. For example, we recommend you select a Nethari Assassin as your character because he’s a better option for fast mobility and will provide you with a lot of flexibility to move around.

Redeem the Mount

If you have a Backer Pack of a base level, we recommend you check your inbox and redeem the Mount available there. Of course, you can get a Mount through the tutorial, but the Mount present in the inbox is much faster and better. Also, if you find some Sigils here, redeem them too to get some extra buffs before entering the world.

Selecting a Server

If you want to learn how Crowfall works, select the server tab and explore the options. You can choose whatever option you like, but we suggest you start with the “God Reach US East 2” server to begin your journey. This server captures the gist of the MMO questing overall and teaches you what you need to learn. When you step into this world, you’ll find yourself in a hall with Guillermo.

Guillermo is a quest giver, and it is best if you begin your journey from here. Take his quests and follow the routes he navigates you to. This will help you with leveling up and will influence your performance. Doing so will also help you learn slowly about the type of MMO Crowfall is and provide you with in-game knowledge.

In case you don’t feel like completing the tasks, you can always leave them in between.

Level Up Pedestal

You can level up through questing, or you can directly jump to Level 25. Visit a tree hall located downstairs, and here you’ll find a Level Up Pedestal that will boost you to Level 25. However, keep in mind that only those who purchased Backer Pack before starting the game or the VIPs can avail of this boost. If you aren’t a VIP, go to the vendor beside the pedestal, and he’ll sell you Level Up for 40 thousand gold.

If you don’t want to follow the instructions and want to play the game freely, leveling up will help you immensely, and you can start from Level 25.

Join a Guild

Joining a Guild provides you the best opportunity to learn more about Crowfall and tips to excel in the game and servers. You can also switch between the Guilds to absorb more information. Guild will help you level up and help you stick around for a lot longer.

PVP Zone

Once you’ve hit Level 25, it becomes essential for you to level up from here onwards. Before you go to the PVP zone, redeem the Mount you earlier collected and use that to move faster. Also, before you make your way there, get an idea of your gear. If you don’t have any, go out and get some novice weapons from the Class Trainer. He’ll also inform you about your class and give you some poison to make you stronger.

You can also purchase some weapons from the advanced vendors present in the temple to have better protective gear.

To enter the PVP zone, you’ll have to go to the south side of the Earth Temple. You’ll find four portals here that you’ll either reach after following the NPE or right after leveling up to level 25.

Following the NPE will directly take you to the Sun or Moon temple, but while playing freely, you can choose to go to the PVP zones. Based on the faction you’re present in, the portal will take you to the PVP relevant to it. When you enter these PVP zones, start capturing outpost and mob camps to acquire gold and weapons. Then, start farming and level up to Level 30. You can also find other portals here to get you to different PVP zones where you’ll find other players playing.

Keep in mind if you enter a portal, and it leads you to a PVP zone belonging to someone other than your faction, you can get killed easily. Also, look around for hot zones that will give you extra loot on your first day in the world.


Once you’ve enough gold from farming, you can select whatever you want to harvest from the “Harvest Discipline Vendor.” If you buy Logger and Skinner on day one, it’ll allow you to craft the intermediate version of the tools.  You can get one of these free if you come by following NPE instead of Level boosting.

After that, go to the Exploration Room and use the “General Crafting Station” to acquire the ability to craft the tools. Then, use these tools to harvest items with higher ranks to obtain the “Green Discipline.”

Beyond Level 30

Once you’ve made your way to Level 30 through harvesting, looting, and PVPing, you can now explore the Sky Point. Make sure before you come here, you don’t have enough gold on you. In case you do, you’ll lose 100% gold when you get killed. You’ll also have higher camps and nodes here to increase your chances of obtaining better gear and gold.

Make Friends

If you want to have a smooth experience and learn things in a short amount of time, make friends. Expand your squad and add people to your faction. PVP together and harvest a bunch of tools. Doing so will help you level up soon, and you can obtain some good loot.

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