Crouching Movement Might Become Louder In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege largely focuses on stealth and tactics, both of which depend on the amount of noise players make while moving about. Someone sprinting across the hallways should consider crouching instead or else risk being taken down with a single bullet. That crouching mechanic though has more or less allowed players to become ninjas.

Speaking with PCGamesN in a recent interview, game director Aurélie Débant stated that developer Ubisoft has a “goal to reduce as many unfair elements as possible without removing core gameplay elements from the game.”

In that vein, Ubisoft has now started addressing several navigational aspects such as crouching movements which are often too quiet. It should be noted that different surfaces in Rainbow Six Siege give off different sounds. Crouching by design should reduce the amount of noise made by players while moving. In the current state though, players are sometimes finding it incredibly hard to hear crouched enemies even if they are moving just around the corner.

Débant refrained from mentioning just how the issue of “crouching movement being too quiet” will be addressed. It can however be safely assumed that the developer will be looking to find some sort of balance which makes crouching movement a bit more audible while not making it completely useless.

When Rainbow Six Siege was launched, crouching movement was a bit bugged. Metallic surfaces such as stairs made too much noise. The high audible levels were enough to convince players to either find other routes or just sprint across the steps. Ubisoft managed to fix the problem back then and has released several more balance updates since then.

It however appears that the fixing process has gone a bit too far and Ubisoft will now need to roll back a few changes to find balance. Expect the developer to provide further updates on the matter in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, Rainbow Six Siege recently received a new Headshot arcade mode which will remain available for the next few days.

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