Crossfire X Campaign Is Being Developed By Remedy Entertainment

Crossfire is a popular multiplayer shooter in Asia and the Middle East primarily. This isn’t to be confused with the PC component Crossfire. Anyways, yesterday, an addition to the game called Crossfire X was announced, followed by a tweet that confirmed the Crossfire X campaign is being developed by Remedy Entertainment.

Here’s the confirmation from the official Remedy Entertainment Twitter:

If you’re unfamiliar with Remedy Entertainment, they also developed Max Payne and Alan Wake. Both these games are very notable for their story. Judging by that portfolio, the Crossfire X campaign is in good hands with Remedy Entertainment.

What the E3 trailer failed to confirm for us is whether Crossfire X is a standalone game as a sequel or some sort of attachment to the already existing Crossfire. Perhaps even a repackaging of the game?

It’s hard to tell since we haven’t seen any Crossfire X gameplay as of yet. The Crossfire X trailer shown at E3 was a cinematic one with no gameplay footage whatsoever.

Crossfire, as we all know, is developed by Smilegate Entertainment who are now collaborating with Remedy Entertainment to add a coherent story to their shooter. This is similar to what Titanfall 2 did by adding a very good campaign, filling the void of a single-player experience that was originally missing in Titanfall 1.

Crossfire gameplay can be compared to Counter-Strike in terms of objective-based gameplay. There’s no doubt Crossfire X gameplay will follow the same formula. Perhaps the campaign will be more reminiscent of Half-Life which had the same engine as CS.

A lot of players have taken to assuming Crossfire X to just be the next gen port for Crossfire rather than a sequel. Crossfire has been a PC game for the longest time and the E3 trailer may just have been to confirm the Crossfire X migration to the Xbox One. It’s unconfirmed if the game is exclusive.

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