Crimson Desert Tackles Endgame A Bit Differently

Crimson Desert will have many tales of adventures to tell as part of a new open-world approach by developer and publisher Pearl Abyss.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine for the latest issue, co-producer HwanKyoung Jung stated that there will be “plenty of story-related content” to pursue after players are done with the main storyline.

While this may not really come under the definition of having an endgame roadmap, Pearl Abyss believes that the multiplayer mode of Crimson Desert “will give players the chance to shape their own in-game narratives as they explore the world with their friends.”

Crimson Desert features both single-player and multiplayer modes that can be toggled on the fly. The main storyline will mostly be single-player. However, switching to co-operative play, either before the end of the main campaign or afterwards, will open up new paths which according to founder and executive producer Daeil Kim will have “competitive aspects.”

Crimson Desert was originally thought to be a spiritual successor to Black Desert Online, also from Pearl Abyss. The larger focus on single-player storytelling and the absence of a fully functional online mode however raised many questions. Pearl Abyss was naturally surprised and honored even to be seeing such comparisons with its acclaimed Black Desert Online, but has clarified since then that Crimson Desert offers something entirely different.

That being said, the shift from a massively multiplayer online world to an open-world approach will not forget about players who yearn for social contact. “We all know that there’s a certain appeal to playing games with others, but there are times when the opposite is true,” explained Kim. “Knowing this, we believed we could take the gameplay experience to the next level by creating a game that offered multiple modes of gameplay. That’s why we chose to create a game that includes both an action adventure mode and a co-op mode and gave players the option to play either of the two.”

Crimson Desert will be releasing in fall 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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