The Crew 2 Trophies Guide – Unlock All Trophies/Achievements To Platinum

The Crew 2 has not only cars but a lot of other disciplines of motorsports. This means there are going to be a lot of different kinds of Trophies/Achievements for you to unlock that may not be as boring a grind as it can be in some other games. However, the Trophies/Achievements are a lot in number and you will need this The Crew 2 Trophies Guide. Our The Crew 2 Trophies Guide will tell you how to unlock each of the Trophies/Achievements that exist in the game.

The Crew 2 Trophies

Before you begin on the Trophies/Achievements, it is good to complete all of the disciplines to the point where you have defeated all of the bosses in the game. It is good to have a completion rate of around 70% in each of the 4 disciplines.

This will unlock ‘The Grand Finale’ that you will beat to finish the game. Remember that playing with a friend will ensure that both of you win the race if only one of you finishes in the top-3.

After you are done with all of the above, you can begin to move on to the Skill Events (only do 1 Skill Event per type), the 40 Photo Challenges, and then get ready to attempt the rest of the Trophies/Achievements. They are quite straightforward so do not be too worried about them; all they require is a bit of time.

How to Unlock Trophies

Some of the Trophies/Achievements will be unlocked automatically while you play through the story or get Trophies/Achievements. “You’re the Driver, Baby” can be unlocked by unlocking all of the other Trophies/Achievements in the game.

You can also unlock “Welcome to MotorNation” through the story by driving a car, boat, and plane. “Ruler of the Streets” will also be given to you when you challenge the boss as will “Master of the Line”, “Creative Thinker”, and “Double Down”.

40 Photo Challenges will get you the “Pics or It Didn’t Happen” Trophy and “That’s a Wrap” will be given to you once you have completed all 4 of the disciplines. Let us take a look at how to get all of the other specific trophies in the game.

Act Like an Art Director
This Bronze Trophy will be given to you when you take a photo of your car outside of the photo session. Start the Photo Mode and take a photo of your car (simple).

Act Like a Game Designer
This Bronze Trophy can be earned if you repeat the same competition 3 times in a row. Quite self-explanatory!

Act Like a Narrative Designer
This is a Bronze Trophy that you get for unlocking all of the elements and get the full storyline reward.

Are You a God? Say Yes
This Gold Trophy will be unlocked if you get enough followers for yourself to get to the 50th Level of the Icon Trophy.

This Trophy is earned by traveling 50 kilometers while being a part of a crew. Join a crew that has one other player and then travel 50 KM in one go without having the team disintegrating.

Binge Watching
This is a Silver Trophy. You can unlock it by finishing a Live Xtrem Series season. You switch between different vehicles during these events and you can attempt all 4 parts of these events as you play the Story Mode. The last part is unlocked when you get to the Icon status.

Coast to Coast
This Silver Trophy is unlocked when you complete enough Street Racing Trophies to get the “New York Hypercar” Trophy.

Drift Like a Tester
This Silver Trophy is unlocked when you hit 100,000 points in Drift. You will need to get accustomed to the Drift Events and understand how drifting works and you will eventually get this Trophy.

Easy Rider
This Bronze Trophy is earned when you get 500 fans in one acrobatic sequence in a Drive Mode. Just do 4x loopings in a row with a plane to get it.

Epic Win
This Silver Trophy will be earned once you get only epic parts onto a vehicle. Simply repeat a short race until you get all of the epic parts of a vehicle.

First Autograph
This Bronze Trophy is given to you when you get enough followers until you get to the Popular Level. Quite simple!

Ghost Bustin 2
This Bronze Trophy is earned by defeating a ghost of a friend or a rival.

Hard Way to Hell
This Silver Trophy is earned by finishing the competition on the difficulty level. This means that you need to upgrade various different parts of your car so that you can compete with the higher spec cars found in the hard difficulty.

I Must Brake You
This Bronze Trophy is earned when you beat your friend’s top score.

Jack of All Trades
This silver Trophy requires you to get a Trophy in each discipline. They are:

  • SR: Street Race
  • DF: Drift
  • DR: Drag Race
  • HC: Hypercar
  • RR: Rally Raid
  • RX: Rally Cross
  • MX: Motocross
  • AB: Aerobatics
  • JS: Jetsprint
  • MT: Monster Truck
  • PB: Power Boat
  • TC: Touring Car
  • AGP: Alpha GP
  • AR: Air Race

Leap of Faith, No Straw
This Bronze Trophy requires you to make a 100-meter jump while riding a bike.

Master of the Line
Silver Trophy that can be earned by defeating Clarence Bishop the Third who is known as the Pro Racing heir. This will require you to compete in Powerboat, Air, Touring Race, and Alpha Grand Prix events.

Max Out Fury Load
This is a Silver Trophy that requires you to reach the top level in one of your vehicles. This will be done once you get to a higher enough level.

Paint Don’t Hurt
Repaint one of your vehicles in your house in Miami to get this Bronze Trophy.

Press Conference
Get this Bronze Trophy by gaining enough followers to reach the Famous Level (46,500).

Reality Check
Play the game for 24 hours (altogether, not in a row) to get this Bronze Trophy.

Ride the Jewels
In order to get this Bronze Trophy, you need to ride more than 2 kilometers in the most expensive car of the game. The car is the Koenigsegg Regera that can be bought for 1,701,700 Credits. You can simply use the Test Drive to do it so you do not have to buy the car.

Rising Star
This silver Trophy is given to you once you get to the Star level.

Social Butterfly
This Trophy is Bronze and you need to join a crew and then earn a Trophy.

The Collector
This is a Silver Trophy. For that, you need to own 30 different vehicles. This is not something to fret over, as you will comfortably be able to do this in the Story Mode.

The End is Nigh
This Bronze Trophy is earned when you get to the end of the game world.

That is all we have for our The Crew 2 Trophies Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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