The Crew 2 Leveling Guide

In The Crew 2, it is very important because you will need to level up if you want to get invited to events of higher quality. Our The Crew 2 Leveling Guide teaches you how to do precisely that.

Leveling up is a very important aspect of almost all games that have a progression system like TC 2. Our TC 2 Leveling Guide will tell you how to level up in the game and give you numerous tips and tricks to increase the speed of your progress in the game.

The Crew 2 Leveling

In order to level up in the game, you need to gain more Followers. When you gain more Followers, you inch closer to the next level.

There are a total of 5 different levels in the game and they are Rookie, Popular, Famous, Star, and Icon. Of course, Icon is by far the most revered and that is the level that you are after.

Once you are at the Icon Level, you will be able to increase another level that you will be given. The level will start at 1 and will go all the way to 9999. Every 10 levels will give you loot and every 100 of them will give you a brand new vehicle.

How to Get More Followers

Remember that you can be earning Followers even when you are simply moving from one event to the other. Rather than fast traveling, it is best to drive to the area that you want to move to as it will give you an opportunity to get more Followers.

If you are on a plane, that is even better because planes can be used to build up multiple combos. Combos are what get you a lot of Followers, so try to build these combos as much as you can.

Performing actions such as Knife Flight, Low Altitude, and Close Calls together will net you a hefty amount of Followers.

If you find out you can easily win an event but have not won it due to one reason or another, retrying it is a great way to earn more Followers.

Also, remember that if you keep an eye on the smaller objectives that you have while driving in the streets; you will be able to easily gain more Followers.

The number of Followers you get may seem small, but remember that these are things that you can do quite often and over time the number of Followers will stack up increasing your level by quite a bit.

Fast Leveling

Remember that being extreme will reward you well. When in races, it is best to try as many jumps as possible as they will allow you to get more Followers. Apart from that, the Xtrem Live events are an easy way to get more Followers. Simply attempt the ones that you know you can easily win on.

Lastly, you can set up world records for other players to beat to earn Followers. You will also have a chance to attempt the photo challenges that you can find hidden around the map. These challenges will be ridiculously easy and will surely net you a fair bit of Followers.

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