The Crew 2 Customization Guide

Nothing beats the sight of a car customized your way, with a cool bumper sticker or say a spoiler that just stands out because of its complementary color compared to the rest of the vehicle. Our The Crew 2 Customization Guide will help you play with the many features that go into fully customizing your car just the way you want.

The Crew 2 Vehicle Customization

Go for all showmanship with some cool artwork on the sides and the main body of your vehicle be it a car, a bike, or even an airplane. Of course, there is the other aspect as well that lets you customize parts of your car to boost stats of the vehicle.

Throughout your progress of riding around town, racing off against CPU or real players, you will unlock both vehicle components for boosting performance and visual mods to apply that much-needed cosmetic style.

How to Customize

Attaching, removing, or upgrading components of the car is a part of vehicle customization and carried out by opening the main menu of the game. From here, access the Performance tab and carry out the parts customization keeping an eye to the stats boost that you may receive.

For altering the visual outlook of the car, you would be first required to make a trip to your home. Thankfully, you could fast-travel to the spot using the Home icon on your expanded map in the game.

Here, you can change the color of different parts of your vehicle, add stickers, and mess with other components like the style of headlights, tail lights, the rims of the car’s wheel, and more.

Although vehicle components can be unlocked, the vehicle customization can also be purchased by using either of the two premium in-game currencies, Bucks or Crew Credits. These can also be used for other purposes like customizing an avatar and for more premium content.

This is so far all we have in our The Crew 2 Customization Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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