The Crew 2 Beginners Guide

Step into your ride and put your foot on the pedal, it is time to take on the streets in The Crew 2. Our The Crew 2 Beginners Guide will detail the important aspects and features of the game that you should be able to handle early on in the game. These include changing your avatar’s accessories, customizing your car, and most important of all: win races.

With the help of our The Crew 2 Beginners Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about getting started with Ubisoft’s Arcade Racer.

The Crew 2 Beginners Guide

When you first boot up your game and select your car, you will be given a choice where to start your adventure from 4 possible regions in the USA. All of these are both distinct in their geography and the challenges they present when racing is concerned.

There is the Street Racing area that will pit your near Los Angeles along with a brand new ride and some bucks. Here, you can engage in drifting events, drag racing, and normal street races.

The streets are always bustling with stuff to do, so you are most likely to bump into something more often if you are not so good on the handling. We recommend the Mazda with easy handling or the Audi Couple with medium handling.

In Freestyle Trial in Las Vegas, you start with the same resources as the Street Racing one. However, you do not need to think about the competition here so much since you can ride freely on planes, boats, and trucks.

Your first couple of races will be up high riding in Zivko Edge 540 V3, so if you are a plane person, start here.

You can also choose to get off the main streets and roads in the Off-road Trial. Here you will use Dirt Rally cars, bikes or buggies to race down unformed paths where not much handling is concerned. Especially, when you get a vehicle as easy to handle as the Proto Buggy.

This final and most competitive area makes use of all types of vehicles ranging from planes to bikes to boats.

The region is near New York and though there are tonnes of events here, you will find some of the tutorial or beginner’s difficulty. Starting off here will get you some sense of how to actually drive your vehicle, handle it, or drift.

Also, you should keep looking out for events scattered around the map. These events are usually easy and short but are great resource to earn extra Bucks and increase your followers.

How Drifting Works?

Depending on the structure of the track itself, you will eventually require the use of drifting in your ground-based vehicles.

This is carried out by either of the normal brake/reverse pedal or the E-brake/handbrake. How long you have to hold these depend on the curvature and angle of the corner.

Furthermore, the game director himself shared an important tip. He says it is quite advantageous if you managed to apply brakes right before a turn approaches rather than braking while inside that turn.

This will give your vehicle a more accurate drift and if you accelerate thereafter, you will not have compromised your speed.

Riding on the water presents its own set of challenges. Riding a boat, you will have to be aware of the changing pattern of waves or tides around you.

This is quite prominent when an opponent’s boat is right in front of you and creating some ripples that will send your boat spinning out of the line.

How Customization Works?

To get the most out of the experience, you will obviously want to ride in a vehicle you would want to. This brings the customization aspect of the game into the light where you can both tweak the components of your vehicle for a boost in performance or mess with the appearance of the car via visual customization including stickers, spoilers, etc.

The Crew 2
Moreover, things do not stop at your vehicle. The driver or the avatar can also be dressed up to best reflect how you would want your character to be. Changing the outfit of the driver will require you to head Home by pulling up the map and fast traveling to it.

Choose the option that shows you the suit and helmet to being customizing your character. Now you can purchase some outfits via the in-game currency while some are unlocked as you progress generally.

Moreover, unique and exclusive costumes are available in the U-Play store and can only be purchased via U-Play Points.

How to Win Races?

When it comes to the main objective of the game itself, it is racking up points and unlocking items by winning races. Of course, when you progress in the game enough to get a better understanding of handling, drifting and accelerating your vehicle in all types of regions, you will mostly get the positive outcome out of every race.

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However, this is not always true when because of something called the Performance Points. Every vehicle comes with its own rating of points that you freely view. If you take on a race against a vehicle that has a far higher performance rating than your own ride, then the race will be near impossible to win no matter how well you drive.

This can occur when you have selected “Hard” difficulty from the game’s options and so you will be facing many tough races. Additionally, this can also take place if you are still sticking with a slow vehicle late into the game. Always check your opponent’s performance points and your own before a race, and make your decision accordingly.

Moreover, always keep driving for a while after winning a race. Usually some rewards spawn on your road after winning and if you immediately fast travel after winning a race, you will be surely losing those rewards.

Checking the Mailbox

You will frequently be asked to visit the Mailbox to collect something or you will usually have to check it out in case you missed collecting some loot that you forgot picking up.

So in case you do not know where to see the mailbox and items inside, let us tell you that it is not anywhere in the Menu! The mailbox is just like the practical life Mailbox concept (though much bigger in size), and you will find it in any of the family headquarters.

General Tips

  • If you don’t like the way the map gets clumsy and full of all events, you can directly go into the Activities Page by hitting start. There you will see the panels of all four family and you can enter any one of them to see all their offered events and activities so choose easily.
  • During the boat racing, stay off the trail of the opponent’s boat as getting caught in it or getting too close to it will either add resistance to your speed or directly knock you off.
  • Keep track of all the Photo ops happening by visiting the Activities Log and pin the details of each so that you can easily see the requirements of the picture demanded. It is one of the easiest ways of earning cash.
  • Each time you reach a new Icon Rank, you will be awarded Icon Points. Instead of just collecting all the points, keep spending them in one of the three trees: Comfort, Vehicle and Gameplay

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