Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Three Kingdoms, Takes Place In China

Creative Assembly unveiled a new historical Total War game today, taking place during the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China. Total War: Three Kingdoms is slated to be coming out in the fall of this year, and got a trailer today soon after Creative Assembly began a countdown.

The Three Kingdoms Period of Chinese history revolved around a China fractured into three different competing empires, the realms of Wu, Shu, and Wei. With the collapse of central authority following the crowning of a child Emperor, the three empires now battle for supremacy, with great heroes fighting for one nation or another.

Players will likely be taking control of one of these three kingdoms as they battle for supremacy, and from what we can see in the pre-rendered trailer we may be coming across hero units similar to Total War Warhammer’s own heroes and lords, who are able to take on whole units by themselves or fight other heroes.

While we’ll likely learn more about the game as it gets closer and closer to being released, people have been clamoring about something from China for a long time now, even with the Total War Shogun games giving us a taste of feudal Japan.

While there likely won’t be things like samurai and warrior monks like there were in the Shogun games, there’s likely going to be a lot of interesting stuff in China that will keep us playing for a long time to come.

The game being announced is also sure to satisfy historical Total War fans, who have been anxious for Creative Assembly to return to its roots after two years of focusing on the Total War Warhammer games, though Thrones of Britannia had previously been announced last year.

If you want to see the Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer for yourself, look further up the article, and be on the lookout for more information about it from Creative Assembly.