Creative Assembly Announces Total War Saga Game “Thrones Of Britannia”

Creative Assembly has announced yet another historical title to be in the works as the first entry in the Total War Saga series. The series, which focuses on specific periods in history, will have “Thrones of Britannia” as its first entry. The game will be releasing sometime next year, 2018.

Thrones of Britannia focuses on a period in the late-9th Century, back in the 800s. Years before, the British Isles came under siege from the Great Heathen Army, a vast horde of Vikings led by the sons of Ragnar Loddbrok. Only a victory by the Mercian King Alfred the Great at the Battle of Edington prevented the Vikings from completely conquering the island.

Back in this time there was no united Kingdom of England, only a collection of small petty kingdoms that are today known as the Heptarchy. These kingdoms included Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Kent, Essex, Sussex, and East Anglia, among other smaller, less important realms.

Now, the remaining Anglo-Saxon kingdoms must push back the Vikings, who have consolidated their gains into the Kingdom of the Danelaw. However more war is brewing as the Scots, the Irish, the Anglo-Saxons, and the Vikings all ready to begin the fight once again. Players will have the option to either play as the Anglo-Saxons and throw the Danes back into the sea, to command the Vikings and complete the conquest of the British Isles, or play as the Irish and Scots and take a third side.

The semi-return to historical Total War games could be a boon for players who don’t think that Warhammer is their cup of tea.

Total War Saga games are going to be bigger than Campaign Packs (like Empire Divided, which is coming out at the end of this month), but still smaller than a full game. If anything they appear to be more like the Kingdoms expansions of the Medieval 2: Total War days, which took players to the Crusades in the Middle-East, the Northern Crusades in the Baltics, wars in the British Isles, and the Spanish colonizing Central America.

There’s no confirmed release date, but we’ll be getting Thrones of Britannia sometime in 2018.