How to Create and Upload Forza 4 Replay Movies To ForzaMotorsport.Net

Forza Motorsport 4 rewards you for showing off. There is even an achievement ‘Showing Off’ for uploading a replay movie of your racing to ‘’.

Do a race in Forza Motorsport 4 Career Mode and after the race, select View Replay and then Select the option Make Movie in the replay bar on the bottom of your screen. From the available options, select Web – This is the quickest method to create a movie. After that choose to upload that movie to ‘’.

When you have uploaded the replay, Show Off achievement will pop. This was the simplest way to upload a replay movie to and if you want to show off at a bigger platform like Youtube – you have two options.

Either use a video capture device and shoot the video with the camera. Most preferable method is to use the video capture device as it outputs the HD movies in your desired formats – so you don’t have to render these videos again on your PC.

It also depends on which video capture device you use – HD PRV is one of the best, so if you are serious about uploading your replay movies to Youtube, give it a try.

Or you can just take your movie camera and shoot the screen, render the video on PC using Sony Vegas Pro/Camtasia Studio and upload it to Youtube. If you want to make your car look stunning in these replay movies, read our Tuning Guide.

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