WWE 2K15 Superstar Studio Detailed in a New Video, Create Your Own Character

You might already know that you will be able to create your own custom superstars in awesome detail when WWE 2K15 comes out for PS4 and Xbox One.

Now 2K has released a new video showcasing this feature in all its glory. New and improved custom superstar creation mode is known as Superstar Studio and will be exclusive to current gen versions of the game.

The video featured the game’s art director Lynell Jinks who walked us through this new mode. You can check out the footage above.

Players can transfer their images into WWE 2K15 and create a character of their likeness. This character can then be further customized with tattoos and various outfits giving it a personalized look.

This type of feature has been available before in wrestling games, but never offered so many options and depth.

Even the tattoos can be personalized and you can have your image tattooed on your superstars body.

During the instructional video, Jinks failed to specify the process, through which we will be able to transfer our images into the game. He does not mention Kinect or PlayStation Camera which indicates that these peripherals might not be supported.

WWE 2K15 is already available on PS3 and Xbox 360, however, if you are looking to benefit from this feature, you will have to pick up either PS4 or Xbox One version, to be released on November 18.

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