“Crazy” New Stuff Coming to Overwatch in the Future

Blizzard promised new maps, characters and features for Overwatch. It recently added a new character named “Ana.” She is available to PC players and will soon comes to consoles. We also have a list of possible new Overwatch characters.

A lot is happening with Overwatch and Blizzard is hyping all the new content. According to Blizzard, we should expect “crazy” new content for Overwatch.

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Director Jeff Kaplan said they are working on new modes on priority basis. They are testing new game modes so we should expect something to be shown in the near future. However, he made it clear that the ultimate priority in Overwatch will always be its heroes.

The tricky part for us is we’ve always talked about the ultimate priority in Overwatch is the heroes. The game is about the heroes, and we never want a game mode to overshadow the heroes. As soon as somebody starts pitching a game mode where Tracer can’t blink anymore or she’s not allowed to use her recall, that’s where we step away from it and we’re like, “You know, we need the game mode that makes Tracer want to blink and use recall and that everybody thinks that’s cool and not a balance problem and broken

Speaking more about upcoming content, Jeff explained that Blizzard likes modes that promote team play. They aren’t fans of modes where suddenly it’s everyone for himself. This indicates that future modes are going to be team based.

I think we have some absolutely crazy stuff that’s going to blow people’s minds coming out sooner than people realize. That’s, I think, going to catch people totally out of left field like, ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that from Overwatch.

We are exciting to see what this crazy stuff is going to be. The game is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Kotaku

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