Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Promises “Craziest, Punk Rock” Movie

Metal Gear Solid movie has been in development for quite some time and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been sharing his vision for the Metal Gear movie. Now he has shed some more light on his vision for the silver screen adaptation of Metal Gear franchise.

Speaking with Screenrant, Jordan Vogt-Roberts talked about the Metal Gear Solid movie and revealed how he is going to approach the movie and added that he intends to go wild on it. He added that he is trying to write the craziest Metal Gear story.

Right now what we’re trying to write is the craziest, punk rock, Kojima, rock and roll, like ‘holy sh*t they’re going to try to make that movie that does this in that many time periods?!’ Like it’s special. Whether we can execute on that script, whether we can get it made, who knows. But right now, I truly believe that the target is in the right direction, and so we’ll see what happens from there.

According to the director, himself Metal Gear movie will be massive and added that for this to happen, it needs to be made in the right way.

I think it’d be a massive film, I think it’d be an incredible film, but it needs to be done in a way that completely honors what Metal Gear is because it’s a classic and it’s a seminal work not just in video games, but in media.

Currently, Gears Of War 4 and The Division movies are in the works. Gears Of War movie is in post-production and The Division movie will star Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role. Gyllenhaal will not only star but, will also produce the movie.

We might not see the Metal Gear Solid movie anytime soon, but the next game in the franchise, Metal Gear Survive, will launch later this year.

Source: Screenrant

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