Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Shortcuts Locations Guide

Throughout the tracks of Crash Team Racing in Nitro-Fueled, you will find a lot of shortcuts that are going to save a few moments of your time and help you win the race and will also help you in collecting Trophies in the game. Although these shortcuts are found in quite a few places, some can be really tricky so you always have to look around for them.

Crash Team Racing in Nitro-Fueled Shortcuts

In case you cannot find these shortcuts in Crash Team Racing in Nitro-Fueled, we have tried to gather all the shortcut locations so it is easier for you to find them.

1. Blizzard Bluff

Blizzard Bluff is a large course and holds more than one shortcut in the game. The first shortcut comes immediately after the start of your race. There will be a rock on your left side that will have a crack. Pass through it and you will come out of a different side.

Then for the second shortcut, look at the left side of the ice lake and you will see a break in between land. Speed up and try to jump across the other side which will take you across the river and you will no longer need to pass the bridge. Now keep speeding as two more shortcuts will come right after.

The third shortcut will come on your left side where you will see two fences. Speed up and jump over either of the fences to reach the other side. In your second lap, choose the fence that you didn’t choose earlier and now using all the shortcuts will reward you with the “Winter Time Off-Roading” Trophy.

2. Inferno Island

This course has a shortcut at the start of the track. At the beginning of the race, when you get to the wooden bridge, you will see a small fall at the left of the bridge. Speed up and if you are able to jump off of it then you will be able to stop on a grassy land which will help you avoid a good part of the track.

3. Cortex Castle

In this track, you have to continue through the course until you reach on a side with a small staircase. Go down there and go around the track. Before reaching the castle, you need to speed up and prepare yourself for taking a big jump from the platform that will take you to the left side of the path.

If you make the jump and land on the ground then you will be able to get to a hidden path. Taking the shortcut will reward you with “Dungeon Vaulter” Trophy.

3. Polar Pass

In this track, you will reach a cave where you will come across a wall that will ask you to take a turn. Ignore the sign and speed up to take off. Make a jump from the curve and you will reach to the other side which will help you avoid a whole U-turn. Taking this shortcut will reward you with the “Arctic Hurdler” Trophy.

4. Dragon Mines

On this track, at one point you are going to come across a minecart crossing. If you go in the wrong cave, a minecart is going to run over to you and smash into you. If you go in the right cave then you will easily reach the other end which will help you in avoiding the spiral if you take a right from there. You are going to receive a “Minekarting” Trophy.

5. Papu’s Pyramid

This course has more than one shortcut. The first shortcut will come after you will be able to avoid the Venus Fly Trap plants. If you avoid them, you will take a left which will bring you to a place with two walls on your left one having a hole in it.

You need to have a good amount of speed in your cart in order to pass through the whole and jump to the other side, otherwise, you will fall and crash which will reset your race.

The second shortcut is when you reach the bridge. Instead of going inside and passing the bridge, you need to take a jump and go over the bridge which will save you some time. This will reward you with the “Pyramid Parkour” Trophy.

6. Hot Air Skyway

In this track, you need to keep moving on the spiral until you reach the end where you are going to get off on your right-hand side. The path from there is short and will help you avoid a bigger path that is on the spiral. Down there, you will also be able to manage more speed.

7. Sewer Speedway

After starting your race, you will come along a path that will have a half-pipe trench that has glowing blue ridges. On this path, you need to look to the top right and you will see an entryway.

You need to speed up if you want to reach the other side of this path. After taking this shortcut you are going to receive the “Half Pipe Karting” Trophy.

8. Tiger Temple

In this track, you are going to come across a path where there will be a closed door over which you will see a stone head. If you are on your second or third lap then you will have a PowerUp that you will be able to use for opening the door or you can also access the door if you are using the Time Trial Mode that will open the doors automatically.

On the other side of the door is the shortcut and reaching that side will provide you with the “Let Me In!” Trophy.

9. Clockwork Wumpa

On this track, you are going to come across a giant gear that can crush you. If you pass the gear, then you will come across three gears that are going to be angled upwards. Jumping over these will provide you with the shortcut.

Then on your ride, you are going to come across a platform that will have a course on the right-hand side. Drive over it and jump which will take you to the path hanging above the main course.

This is all we have in our Crash Team Racing in Nitro-Fueled Shortcuts Locations Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know below!

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